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Monday, September 3, 2012

Watching what I eat!

September 3rd, 2012

From: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Hi Everyone

So this past week....

This week was a normal week, with a lot of hard work but not much success in the end with a baptism. The one baptism that we could have had, the friend of the investigator told him that he should go to church more then decide. He has already been to church plenty of times and he believes in it all. It confused me why the member friend said this. Oh well. We got the member friend more excited for our investigators baptism because we told him that he could baptize his friend. The member seemed pretty happy about that. Especially since the member is leaving on a mission in like a month or so. I actually don’t understand this Mission. It’s all about baptisms, and the retention rate in this mission is one of the lowest. 

This past week we also had a guy call us over to him and asked us about the church and the Book of Mormon. He started off saying that he read half of the book of Mormon, but he recently moved and he had lost his old one. For some reason we never gave him another one at that moment, but I guess it’s because we are going to his house soon and if we give him another Book of Mormon, we can also give him a lesson as well. His name is Roberto. It’s more of a Spanish name, but it’s all good.

We also met another man, and his name is João or John in English. John and his wife who is already a member for a long time, but she has been inactive, but we went there during the week, and got them to go to church, and we also marked John´s baptism for next Sunday. He seemed pretty excited and the wife was super happy to go back to church. There literally was a different attitude about both of them after church. It was awesome!!

Also this past week I ate some things lol.....last Monday, I ate a bunch of sausage and flat steak over a BBQ pit. It was pretty good! Then on Sunday for lunch I also ate some more of the same things as Monday, except for one thing, I also ate some cooked pig skin. It didn’t taste bad at all. I actually liked it, but after I ate two small pieces, I really looked at the skin and I saw that on the skin there was still some hair on the skin. It looked like nose hairs!!! It totally grossed me out a lot and I stopped eating it. But this morning I woke up having to go to the bathroom, and I was in there for a while. I am pretty sure I got a small bug from the meat from Sunday lunch, but oh well...it passed....with persistence comes a victory lol!! Yeah we are making the BBQ ourselves. Hmm, but it was still a little soft, the skin was, and the outside was really crispy, along with the hairs lol.

Oh and today for lunch we are going to eat BBQ chicken. We found BBQ sauce! Oh and we are going to a store called Heepers. It’s owned by Wal-Mart. I heard there are some Reeses there and peanut butter. I am super excited for that! 

On the 11th, all of the Elders in my house are going to the Americans’ house here to have a BBQ and a moment of silence. I am excited. something really really American soon! I am also speaking in Portuguese a lot now.

Well that was the week.
I love you,

elder adam jensen

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