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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Baptims and a new blessed area!

Subject: Good morning!
Hello Everyone,
So this past week....
We baptized!! His name is Alex. He is 10 years old and really cool. He already acts like a 15 year old brat, but with a body of a ten year old. He is really funny. He was like jumping up and down and smiling like crazy after the baptism!!
I gave a talk on Sunday about service. It was a ten minute talk and I only gave one scripture and continually talking about the scripture the whole time. I think people liked it. Well the ones that heard it. Also in the microphone, I asked the members to give me a birthday party on the 17th.  3 members came up to me asking what kind of cake I like - Hilarious!!!!
My area is mainly forest area and a lot of walking. But I am enjoying it a lot. My companion is hilarious and we get along very well. We never have silent moments and his personality is just a little more stern than mine. But that is because of the military. Either way it’s going great with him. Next week we should have 3 baptisms, and the week after, maybe 3 more. These last two areas are fairly easy, but then again it’s the outskirts like the country. Further out you are the easier it gets. Kind of weird that way, because people have to travel a good distance to even get to church. They love it though. The members here are very good, everyone already has a calling and actually does their calling and the missionaries are not forced to teach anything, except for talks because no one ever wants to. The farmers here are so much better than Campina Grande because they don’t stay drunk 24/7.
Anyway, my companion and I are great. We get along very well, and we are working very hard to get more baptisms, and people at church. I am liking the new area and the new things I am learning. This morning we played soccer with all of the young men and all of the fallen away young men. It went very well and I lost every time except for once.
Thank you so much for the money that I was needing. I took it all out and I am using it very wisely. I still have most of it and plenty of food until the allowance and enough for all the travels I have to do. It’s all better now because I am in an area that I don’t need more money to travel.  Beforehand, I just used a lot of money in Itapororoca to travel and I just got here with nothing - but really it’s all good now.
I said last week that we are going to be getting on later here in this city. Or maybe I said it only to dad. I don’t remember, but about this hour we will get on because there are a lot of students that get on in the morning and this hour is when no one is in the LAN house.
I bought some things and made some things like cinnamon rolls, and we had to pay a lot of money for traveling. Our President doesn’t like giving us extra money for travels.
My time is up. I love you a lot and I will talk to you next week, maybe I will force my companion to stay a little more so that we can talk for a little longer next time.
elder adam jensen

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I've been transferred...but only two transfers left!!

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Hello Everyone


So this past week....

Well we baptized 5 more people. Williams, Willanny, Fatima, Joana, and Severina. It was awesome, except I think one of them felt forced, which made me feel bad. I never want anyone to feel that way. But anyways, it was in all a good week. I am happy and with Elder Loveland within 6 weeks, we baptized 16 people!!!! I will show all the pictures one day soon. I baptized 4 out of the 5. Severina chose Elder Loveland to baptize her instead of me, but that doesn’t matter. I was happy to see her follow the path of God.

Yesterday was my last night in Itapororoca, we had all the youth over at the bottom of our house so that we could talk and how they need help, but the best part was that it was all with pizza! Pepperoni, 4 cheese, and chicken pizzas. All were delicious and I think in the end I ate 4-5 slices. Yeah I can still eat a lot. I need to work on that. Trying to eat less and less.

I was transferred to Rio Tinto. A city within the same zone. Elder Loveland and I were transferred to here, but with new companions. Which is pretty cool. This city is small and most of my area is farm lands. Which I am actually happy about. But my companion now is Elder W. Santos, he is from Maceio and about my height. He also served in the military for a little bit. He’s hilarious and knows how to rap very well. We already get along very well, but I did get to know him when I got here, he is pretty cool! He was always in Rio Tinto when I was in Itapororoca, so I saw him every week on Tuesdays. But now I am companions with him. Actually everyone in the house now, I have been companions with them all.

Elder Loveland is now companions with Elder Simpson, who was my old companion from João Pessoa – this should be fun and a lot to do! We are in the same zone, but a different city. Rio Tinto seems smaller than Itapororoca, but blessed like always.

I am down to the last two transfers now, and I am feeling it. I am so tired. being so diligent in the work gets tiring after a while. I have never stopped working and I won’t stop now. I truly understand how important it is to keep going and not giving up.

I am getting so much more tired though. I don’t want to sleep, but I feel like I just have to lay down. I love the mission and I truly have a testimony about keep pushing on and fulfilling your purpose. I have never stopped and I will never stop. gotta keep going always. I am still the oldest in the zone and yeah I am still District Leader.

Oh and the missionaries that went to Itapororoca was Elder Guzman my old trainee!! He is now training someone there, it’s awesome!!!

I did not get any travel plans this week, but I am assuming I get back on the 17th still. I sure hope so, if not the 17th then it will be sooner!!

I liked Gavin’s pictures!

I have to go now and I love you a lot. We will talk on Monday about the same time I think.



elder adam jensen

…and in answering your question, God obviously received his power from his God. Because the plan of salvation is never ending. Just like how if we are faithful to the end, we will become a God of other people.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Baptisms, baptisms and the elect..

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 10:42:25 -0300
Subject: Re: Good day mate!

Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

We worked very hard to get people to go to church and be prepared to be baptized on the 20th of this month. So far, ten people went to church!!!! Ah it was a miracle and amazing. I love blessings! And 5 of the ten are preparing to be baptized on the 20th! The other five want to wait for now, but we will see. The Lord asks us to get up and work and preach top his people. Doing this every day without exception, the blessings just come and the happiness is always there. I wasn’t expecting 10 people, because every single person that we passed by before church said that they couldn’t or that they weren’t ready and that they would come later. Usually when someone says they will come later they don’t. So I was a happy camper on Sunday. Actually every Sunday here in Itapororoca is good. You either have a lot of people at church or you have a lot of people being baptized!  Oh but no one was baptized this past week. Kind of sucks, but we will be blessed for the 20th. :D

We also started mutual here for the youth as well. It was a success and it was also hilarious. We have some videos for you all when I get back. Nobody knew what mutual was before we did as well. I don’t think any branches here have mutual still. But Itapororoca started! That’s what’s up!!!
School is just a blur so I stopped thinking as much as I used to. we can talk about school a lot more when I get back and these next 3 months lol . Which I like to do. but yeah a lot more thinking and praying.

But hey I’ve ran out of time already. I am sorry and next week will be on Wednesday, not on Monday- the 23rd is transfers!!!!!
But yeah I am doing great, the only thing I want right now is my flight plan, they asked me last week which ariport I wanted, so maybe later on today I should have it or next week.

I am so excited!!!!!

I love you a lot and have a great week.

elder adam jensen



Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference and a baptism!

Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 10:15:30 -0300

Good morning everyone

So this past week....

Well it was conference. It was good. Watched all of the sessions, and we had to stay in Mamanguape to watch all of them. Itapororoca doesn’t have a chapel, so we had to go to Mamanguape to watch it, but Itapororoca branch only went on Sunday because it would have been very expensive for the district. Kind of ridiculous, I know, but barely anyone goes on Saturday here as it is. Everyone works on Saturday.

Well we also had a BAPTISM!!!! His name is Generino, and is 82 years old and still pushing hard!! We get to his house to invite him to be baptized and he was just like, sure whatever, he said "tanta faz, vamos" which means ...whatever, sure, or doesn’t matter and let’s do it, but he was very happy to be baptized. it went very well. 


He is always smiling and laughing and was very happy to be baptized. It was hilarious though when we invited him to be baptized!! His wife is super catholic but she wants to get to know the church. I hope she goes soon and prays soon. I love baptizing families. I don’t really know who will be baptized this week, but we will pray and work hard for that one. We have a goal to baptize 10 people this month, so we’ve got to find God's elect people, General Conference doesn’t stop any baptisms, especially because each session counts as a sacrament meeting.

My favorite talk....I don’t know actually. This conference was a little different for me, and I am just going to have to read them in the Ensign afterwards to understand a little more. I think it was a little different because I didn’t ask for revelation this time, so it was a little harder to pay attention I guess. It is true that the talks were like a refresher or a reminder of the things we need, but a lot of the talks I noticed were directed for the members here.

                                                                                   Elder Loveland and Elizana Sulivann

Did you catch anything on the water? I would love to fish when I get back!

I think I will be fine until we receive our allowance on the 15th but I have to go now. I am sorry, but I love you and I will talk next week. I would speak for longer, but I didn’t bring more money with me to pay for internet and we have to help the lady cook that’s feeding us today.


 love elder adam Jensen

…and yes I am excited to finish my mission – very!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Authority but also we are "Pastors"

Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:08:53 -0300
Subject: Re: Hello

Hello Everyone

Well this past week...

We worked liked crazy, I guess that’s because we had 6 more baptisms! that makes 10 so far here in Itapororoca. Alex, José Carlos, Carlos, Pedro, Herbert, and Lucimere. We would have had 7 baptisms, but the woman didn’t want to this week basically because her boyfriend in the church ended their relationship, and she’s a little flustered - ridiculous, but oh well, hopefully one day she will understand that salvation is an individual act, and no one should stop you from individually following and keeping God´s commandments. This area is so blessed and everyone calls us ‘Pastor’ so basically everyone views us as an Authority figure already - I am just reaping in the rewards!

I am compelled to be humble as I have to use my authority in my work I know as Missionaries we are the only ones in this work that even have the authority to invite someone to be baptized (I am the king of all here lol)… and it’s a good thing I am keeping the commandments!!

I just know it lol. oh but man during church, almost nobody was there, so even until the last meeting, which is sacrament here, we were looking and getting people. investigators and members. I felt like nobody really wanted to go to church yesterday. oh well. ended up having about 50 people there. not very good actually. because last week was 66. 



Well everything went well, except for my health. On Saturday, I woke up with a fever, headache, stomach ache, and my body just aching everywhere, but by 5 p.m. that day the fever went away, so I went out to work. I had to run back home at about 8:45 p.m. because I was feeling horrible all over again but Sunday morning I only had the stomach ache, so went out to work getting our investigators and going to lunch, but man did I have to use the bathroom a lot, like almost every 45 minutes -  ridiculous!!!!  My stomach is still like this, but I will get better. BTW, I don't really need any more Crystal Light, but if you want to send me some I would only like fruit punch lol. and yes I still am pooping a lot, but that’s why this morning I took a gastritis pill. I hope it will help, and I think it was my fault with some water!

Well that’s all, except General Conference will be a big run around. Members will have to leave here about 11:30 a.m. to get to the chapel that will have General Conference they will only go on Sunday. I think Elder Loveland and I will just stay in Mamanguape with our Z.L.’s during this time so we can watch all of General Conference.

The dunes trip with Dan sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s been a while since I have talked to Ammon.


elder adam jensen