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Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference and a baptism!

Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 10:15:30 -0300

Good morning everyone

So this past week....

Well it was conference. It was good. Watched all of the sessions, and we had to stay in Mamanguape to watch all of them. Itapororoca doesn’t have a chapel, so we had to go to Mamanguape to watch it, but Itapororoca branch only went on Sunday because it would have been very expensive for the district. Kind of ridiculous, I know, but barely anyone goes on Saturday here as it is. Everyone works on Saturday.

Well we also had a BAPTISM!!!! His name is Generino, and is 82 years old and still pushing hard!! We get to his house to invite him to be baptized and he was just like, sure whatever, he said "tanta faz, vamos" which means ...whatever, sure, or doesn’t matter and let’s do it, but he was very happy to be baptized. it went very well. 


He is always smiling and laughing and was very happy to be baptized. It was hilarious though when we invited him to be baptized!! His wife is super catholic but she wants to get to know the church. I hope she goes soon and prays soon. I love baptizing families. I don’t really know who will be baptized this week, but we will pray and work hard for that one. We have a goal to baptize 10 people this month, so we’ve got to find God's elect people, General Conference doesn’t stop any baptisms, especially because each session counts as a sacrament meeting.

My favorite talk....I don’t know actually. This conference was a little different for me, and I am just going to have to read them in the Ensign afterwards to understand a little more. I think it was a little different because I didn’t ask for revelation this time, so it was a little harder to pay attention I guess. It is true that the talks were like a refresher or a reminder of the things we need, but a lot of the talks I noticed were directed for the members here.

                                                                                   Elder Loveland and Elizana Sulivann

Did you catch anything on the water? I would love to fish when I get back!

I think I will be fine until we receive our allowance on the 15th but I have to go now. I am sorry, but I love you and I will talk next week. I would speak for longer, but I didn’t bring more money with me to pay for internet and we have to help the lady cook that’s feeding us today.


 love elder adam Jensen

…and yes I am excited to finish my mission – very!

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