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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Miracles upon miracles!

From: adj1991@myldsmail.net

So the past two weeks...

So about Ricardo and Simony...they STILL haven’t gotten married yet! Ricardo has no documents whatsoever, so now he has to go to somewhere at 5 in the morning to sit in line until he is able to do the documents he is needing, Ricardo needs his identity! It’s ridiculous! Everyone in the ward is nagging about when the wedding will be, but we have no idea what to tell them. Other than that, other things that have happened, was we saw the guy with the joint again. He was actually outside at night close to our house dancing with another man that was wearing overalls but the pants part was cut into short shorts, it was hilarious and I waved at him!! Last Tuesday Simony´s son Sergio was baptized. Unfortunately, it wasn’t planned very well, the bishop didn’t go. We were able to baptize the boy and we put Elder Simpson in a white jump suit and said go at it lol!!

Oh and also a miracle happened!

The miracle....

Glaydson was baptized! The miracle part was that we showed up at their house before church to wake up the family for church. When we got there the mom said that he shouldn’t be baptized because she thinks that he doesn’t know enough or is not ready, and that the father of her children didn’t know as well. (they are divorced by the way and he doesn’t help at all) But anyways, while we were talking with her she started to get really quiet and stopped to ask of us if we were able to give her any money because she has no money whatsoever and she had no food in the house. We gave her some money, but we said that she could only earn the money if she went to church with her child because Glaydson needed someone to sit next to him during church. (They don’t have bishop store houses here, and if they did they wouldn’t use it, as they think they can’t even use fast offerings to help people.) The Mom accepted and went to church. While she was there during sacrament, the real miracle happened. EVERY single talk and hymn was about baptismal preparations and that we all must follow the path. It was crazy because I don’t think it was planned that way. Anyway, the Spirit definitely softened her heart because after the meeting she said that her son should be baptized and that she is happy that he chose this religion to follow. Later that day we went to their house again so that we can have a baptism and the mom said that she will continue going to church with Glaydson because she liked it so much! It was a good Sunday!

We also had a Mission conference but with just two zones. It was actually 30 companionships. (60 missionaries) We found out the mission boundaries when it splits, All I know still is what cities each mission will have. Like the missionary boundaries, I want to stay in the Joao Pessoa mission if I can.

I also got some more letters and packages. I got more hot sauce, which is delicious! A letter from Howard, I also got Emily’s letter at the bishop’s house (that was nice to read :)

My money situation is good at the moment. Everything came from the mission home except for Emily’s letter, I have not gotten the packages yet from the bishop’s house, and I already wrote Sean back. 

Starting Tuesday morning, before we went to district meeting, we went to a fallen away member that gives us money for lunch every 3rd Tuesday of the month. When we got there he got home as well, they gave us the money, but when they did, a random man just stops on his motorcycle and says he is a return missionary and that he had a reference for us. It was pretty cool because we haven’t had a reference for quite some time now and the reference is in an area that is soooo difficult to work in. so it should be good finding this week. The reference is in the rich side of town!

The ward is going to pay Severinas bills, 3 in total. I think it’s about 150 or a little more reais, which seems like nothing, but she literally has nothing! And she only gets like unemployment checks from the government. But it’s only like 50 bucks every two weeks. Or less. This is for 3 people. But she had 3 energy bills she hasn’t been able to pay and she has been getting money together to pay for their rent, it’s kind of bad! She is a single mother who lives in a one room house. One bed and one fan - 3 people! They have clothes and what not. They just don’t have enough food all the time. Yes, she is very poor, but I have seen worse! The last time we met with her, we made some progress. We kept talking about authority and power from God, but near the end Elder Simpson bore his testimony about priesthood and she started to cry! While she was crying she finally said why she has been saying no to some of our invites or feeling like her baptism in another church should be valid. She started saying all the problems she had in the past, like with the church, her ex-husband and family and with no money. She said the only good thing from her past was her baptism. The only joy she has had in a long time but, at the same time she feels like if she gets baptized in the church of Jesus Christ she will forget that joy she had when she was first baptized in the other church. She is also scared of being deceived by another church, she goes on and on about how she was deceived by the other church, but she doesn’t want to forget her baptism but after a little while, she finally started asking more about the church, and that she feels really good in the church and that she is very happy that her children have something to follow such as The Church of Jesus Christ. Maybe we will see more progression this week. She likes to read the Book of Mormon and is praying, and maybe soon....a new member!

A young man named Lucas was ordained an Elder last night as well. but he doesn’t arrive in the mtc until Thursday, it kind of sucks for him but the Stake President is traveling this week so he was ordained 4 days early!
I received Mom’s letter the one from when Sean went to WWU for History Day. On Friday night we went to dinner with the second counselor in the ward. He brought us to a place called Rodizios, which is a pizza place that’s endless pizza - it’s like a buffet but they come to you, you just sit and wait until they come with pizza!!! it’s kind of nice. I think I had about 17 slices of pizza!!! I ate way too much!!!! I felt fat afterwards! But then again Elder Simpson ate at least 24 slices.   

Also, the documents that Ricardo needed are all done now!!!! We are going to the place to set the marriage and get the marriage license on Wednesday.

But I have been good. A little more tired lately but good in all. Still in one piece with no dysfunctions!! Nope, I don’t need shoes or socks, or deodorant!! But I do miss American deodorant. I don’t need it though, like you think all the mother’s on missionary mom’s talk about! Not sure what or anything that we are doing for Easter.

Next Wednesday is transfer week, so just a reminder that all mail should go to the Mission home from now on unless I do stay through another transfer but please write to me at:

Elder Adam Jensen
Joao Pessoa Missao
Rua Deputardo Jose Mariz #515
Joao Pessoa, P.B 58042-020

I normally get my mail from the Mission home once a month, around the 5th. So it could actually now take up to two months for a letter to reach me, please be patient for a reply…but I will write back!

Thanks for everyone’s support, prayers and love!


elder adam Jensen

p.s. I do need the Pehrsons address from the ward phone book and the pizza dough recipe that doesn’t use wheat flour?  Jif creamy PB would also taste good!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meeting new investigators

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:21:04 -0300
Subject: march 11th, 2013

Hello Everyone

So this past week....

This past week we have made some very odd contacts and on Sunday was the best one yet. So we made a contact in an apartment building with a 14 year old girl. She had piercings all over and was wearing a very skimpy outfit, but we were actually there to talk with her brother. In the conversation we found out that she was already baptized. But soon after her very good friend came  and started to ask questions about the church. While we were talking with them they decided to light a joint right in front of us!!  It was a very awkward contact. In the end the 14 year old girl went to church with us. Her outfit was not appropriate for church but it was like whatever. I just let it go. But the girl who had very little clothing on has already been baptized. She said that she showed up to church and got baptized without even knowing she was going to be baptized a while ago. 

Another contact we made was in a hallway of houses that ended up being an obstacle course just trying to enter into it. There was dirt everywhere with dogs barking and people yelling. It was a very sketchy place. Anyway, we get back to this hallway of houses on Sunday morning and there is a ton of police outside with a woman screaming saying that her husband hit her and that he left to go buy a gun so he can kill her. It was not the best time to go to that place. But with these contacts we made this week, we were able to get to kids to go to church with us and they should be baptized this Sunday. Their names are Gladeson and Isiais.

Oh and letters I got this month, the things I got from the zone meeting were the package with the hot sauce and juice packets. Thank you Mom, I am enjoying them! I am happy with the juice packets (crystal light). I also got Grandma’s letter -Thank you!

No the clocks don’t change here in the Northeast. We are like Arizona - never changing including the weather! Oh and I think it is best not to send any more things to the Bishops house because I could leave here the first week of April. The letters and packages take a while to forward so it might be best not to send anything for now to the Bishop’s house. I think there is a good possibility that I will move. So please go back and send mail or packages to the Mission home:

Elder Adam Jensen
Missao Joao Pessoa
Rua Deputardo Jose Mariz #515
Joao Pessoa/P.B 58042-020

But transfers are April 3rd and the things you have already sent should be ok. And nothing new about where I will be when the Mission splits, I would like to stay in João Pessoa or go to Campina Grande. I really don’t want to stay in Missão Natal for the rest of my mission, but I got here December 4th, so I may likely change areas this next transfer.


elder adam jensen

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photos of My mission:

The Wedding is happening!

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 10:51:34 -0300

Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

Well last week we were working a lot with Camilla and she was baptized on Saturday, she seemed so happy after she came out of the water. She had asked me to baptize her and of course I accepted. Next Sunday I might confirm her as well. I’m not sure yet, but for the baptism my companion and I made a cake and some brownies. It went pretty well and eerie who was there to watch the baptism enjoyed the brownies. Elder Simpson had a recipe for brownies, they turned out pretty well, but the cake we made was a snicker-doodle cake, and it tasted amazing!!

We tried to get Daniel to go to church, but he has been so not there lately so we might cut him as an investigator. He wants to get baptized and everything, but he just doesn’t want to go to church, so it’s a little frustrating. I would just baptize him, but the rule is at least twice in sacrament meeting to be baptized. Well, they say twice because the truth is that everyone has to be baptized, but it doesn’t mean you have to like the church. It really doesn’t matter if you feel comfortable in the church or not. Everyone in the world needs to be baptized and confirmed, and I never said you can stop going!!! What I said was that you don’t need to like the church or feel comfortable. We have to go to church to partake of the sacrament and to keep the Sabbath day, you have to keep going but it doesn’t mean you have to like it. I kind of think your understanding in the wrong way Mom, so how about we just don’t talk about it?

We are still getting money together for the marriage. I think tonight we should be able to have it all covered. the wedding license and the party. Which is now about 350 reais, the mother of Simony is making her dress, so we don’t even need to pay anything for the clothes that they need. Also, if everything works out, we are still going to plan on baptizing Ricardo with his son Sergio. I just pray that this miracle happens. I did give money but in 60 reais around 30 dollars.

Oh but another big thing I forgot to tell you is that my companion Elder Simpson used to play football at SVU. He was a left tackle, but he screwed up his knee, he told me that the doctor was talking to him before he left for the mission that if he stayed and continued playing football instead of a mission that he would need a knee replacement by the age of 22. That kind of sucks to be him. He has knee pain all the time, but he´s being a man about it and doesn’t slow down or really complain. He really is a trooper! With Camilla being baptized, it was Elder Simpson’s 2nd baptism on the mission!! I know that Elder Simpson liked it at SUV but he doesn’t want to stay there. He is thinking of other schools in Utah or BYU Hawaii when he returns from his mission.

That is pretty cool about Nic going for a big scholarship and another school or SVU?  I hope Sean does football because it’s a great game and it is some exercise, oh and I am also happy that Sean is doing history day because I wish I would have done it. Mom, I hope that you can stay fine. No worrying as it will just make your health worse. Staying positive and not trying to worry is a great medicine. In all situations you just pray for the best.

I should get lots of mail this week, I only got Sean’s letter for now. I should be getting more mail on Wednesday. I hope I get a lot. I only received that first package with the book that had the crystal light packets.

Ok, sounds it amazing for me to go to Hawaii instead of a cruise which would be very expensive. I hope that it would all work out. When would we go and what are the plans for Hawaii? I am not sure which weekend is President’s Day is next year? But I would love Hawaii with my family!!

But hey I need to go now. I love you a lot and I hope you are feeling better. Stay strong. 

Oh and I will write the same little note I wrote dad.

“To be successful we have to sacrifice who we are so that we can become.”

 Until next week,


 elder adam jensen