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Monday, October 22, 2012

Monthly Zone Goals?

Mon, 22 Oct 2012

From: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Hello Everyone,

So this is what happened this past week...
On Sunday, yesterday, we had three baptisms! They were all 15 or 16 years old. 2 of the teenagers, we have been teaching for two weeks, and they were set on date for yesterday. They understood very quickly what they needed to do in their lives to make it back to Heavenly Father, but the other 15 year old we baptized, was a reference that we received yesterday morning. We met this kid, Italu, in the afternoon, taught him the restoration and the commandments, and then asked him to be baptized. He already had desire to be baptized and he already went to church like 3 times before we ever met him. He agreed to be baptized and so that’s what we did. We baptized him lol. It was definitely kind of a "just do it" baptism, but whatever works. These kids are pretty cool, and I am happy they decided to start their path in the path of God. But next week we have one person that will be baptized. He is already planned to be baptized and he is pretty excited. But, they are two others that could be baptized as well. one of them, we know wants to be baptized, but he is too afraid to stand up to his mother about what he wants to do in his life, and the other said he came close to being baptized once, but it wasn’t the right time he said. But he went to church, and he is a big possibility as well. So next week me and Elder Collins have a good chance of getting 3 more baptisms! I am super excited for this! It would be 6 baptisms for the month of October. But the names of people who were baptized were, Etienne, Allison, and Italu. Next week’s so far is Noé. Its Noah in Portuguese or Spanish.
Today I am going to print off pictures of my baptisms so far, and eat açai, one kilo of it. And hmm, or and were going to eat with some other missionaries today for lunch. It’s a good day today I think. Oh and hmm also last week, I guess, I learned some more gospel doctrine, but I do have a question I am trying to get answered. You know how they are 3 levels within the celestial kingdom? My question is, is there 3 levels in each of the kingdoms? I understand what the millennium is for, but the promise from Nephi is that it’s better to have never known the gospel if all you were was baptized. So it’s something I am trying to figure out.

I did try the cool towel already. I have about ten minutes or so. And I am doing pretty good. So far from what I know, nothing is planned for thanksgiving, and for Christmas, it is just Skyping home. But 4 or 5 days before Christmas, we have another zone conference and we will go to natal for that. It’s a five hour drive. Which sucks in a van. It’s a nice van, but still sucks for five hours.

But yeah I will reach my monthly goal and I think we will reach our zone goal as well. We have 11 baptisms in the zone at the moment. But I have been eating well and not going hungry. And no, I still have plenty of money to last me. At the moment. and the next time I get mail will be the first week of November and the next time after that will be December 1st. but after that will be like the 20th or 21st of December as well.

I hope that you like the picture and the Petries called me. They don’t have Halloween here in the northeast. But oh well. I love you and I got to go now. Love you and I will talk next week on Wednesday! Don’t forget!
With love,

elder adam jensen

p..s. dad- I would rather be in horrible weather than this heat lol. the sun is just not on our side. but I did print off the authority line. but I am excited to receive your package maybe in December lol. I am actually excited to receive everything. thank you both so much!


Monday 15th October, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Things that happened this week...

Well through the week, we have asked 5 people to be baptized and all 5 said they would this month, so that is what we are working on right now. It’s kind of nice seeing blessings just put right in front of you. We have been working hard lately and this is what happens. Yeah we sometimes leave with this member who is 16 years old and he never had references for us, but one day we saw him with his friends and all of them except for one because he wasn’t there agreed to be baptized on the 21st. It’s sweet. I don’t know why the member didn’t have references. From what I have found out on the mission, it doesn’t matter who you think would be a good reference or not. Everyone needs salvation, so every single person you know should be a reference for the missionaries. If you had continued to be an example to those people you know then, everyone is worthy to have the opportunity to listen to the missionaries. But the people that are meant to be baptized this upcoming Sunday are 3 teenagers and one woman. The boys are around 15 and the woman is 21. For the 28th however, we have another man to be baptized. His name is Saul and he is an elect person to be honest. He has been trying to find the right church and has already visited a lot of other churches and still has been confused because he thinks that all the other churches are not right. It’s crazy how elect he was, he just showed up one day to a house where we were teaching a family because he is the boyfriend of the daughter of that family. He is pretty cool!! 

This past week also....nothing other than that happened. Oh wait, we had interviews again from The President and when he came I received another package! I got all the Halloween candy. it’s almost all gone. My roommates sure do love chocolate too!! They are cool guys though. I chose to share. but thank you for the packages. I am truly blessed and a little spoiled lol.

Thank you for the story Dad, and to be honest I am happy I am on a mission. I know that with regards to wanting to be here or not has been like a roller coaster, but in the end when I truly think about everything I have done so far, I am happy. I know I haven't done as much as I should have or have done as much as I need to do on my mission, but I am happy and I am glad that I chose to serve. I remember once in elders quorum that I said I am sometimes jealous when people who are old go and get baptized because they don't have to endure to the end for that long, but I finally realized that through my life because I was baptized at 8 years old, that I truly have the privilege and opportunity to live within the gospel. The gospel is not something that holds someone back, or ties someone down. the gospel gives hope, love, happiness, and freedom. Knowing that in this short amount of time on this earth is meant to prepare us for an eternity is a sure way that we all can know that God truly does love us and we should all know what opportunities can come from the gospel. I truly do testify, not as a servant of the lord, but as a member of the only true church on this earth, that no matter where you or what your calling may be or whatever; serving other and helping them even yourself stay within the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we can have everlasting happiness in the next life is one of the greatest privileges and opportunities anyone can have. 

with love,

elder adam jensen

p.s. I have absolutely no money. the allowance form the mission is late so no one has it. I haven’t been reimbursed for bills I have paid either. kind of sucks at the moment. I am using someone else’s little money to pay for internet.



Monday October 8th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Well this past week was an interesting one...

Nothing much happened - lol. Neither of the Bruno’s are to be baptized. We tried to get a kid named Tiago in the water, but what happened, the mother said that he couldn’t be baptized. She had no reason, and then said he didn’t want to be baptized even though he clearly wanted to be baptized. Anyway, with this mom we burned her like no other and said that she will not receive salvation because of her stopping her son’s salvation. She also said that if he got baptized and she didn’t accept it than she would beat her son and he would never be able to go to church again. Man people here truly understand what it is like to be a supporting parent! So what are we going to do about it....have the dad sign the baptism form for approval? Oh and this past week, we also met an elect guy, who by the spirit and teaching he will most likely be baptized on the 21st of this month. So far we have 6 people that are a possibility for baptism this month. Oh the blessings of a mission. I am excited to try and get them all in the water!!

Man, conference goes by so fast! I was surprised when I got to the last talk on the last session - super-fast. But anyway, I received a lot of answers to questions I had and I was happy and grateful about everything the Lord wanted me to hear. Anyway, man that is crazy about the age for missionaries. I am more surprised about the women. That, I think is a huge difference.
I also received some letters, and the package you sent to the Petries. The dr.pepper and the candy is already gone. It was delicious. I hope a lot and a lot and a lot and a lot of dr.pepper will keep coming lol.

I received your card in Portuguese. I understood everything! Sean’s letter was nice too. I am very excited to receive all of my packages the next month

Today we had a zone p-day. I got burned in the sun by the way today. This was a first time on my mission. We have so much sun screen but didn’t use any of it. The pants fit except one pair. I got one other package which you said do not open until my birthday, and no I didn’t already open it. what is it????

Thank you for all the goodies, I did share with some. I was nice.

with love,

elder adam jensen

Monday, October 1, 2012

Baptism Goals

Monday October 1st, 2012

So this past week,

On Sunday we baptized Adriano. He is 25 and is super excited for everything. I mean like he really wants to see General Conference, and receive the priesthood and get a calling. He used to be a member of the Assembly of God church which is the only church who tries to bible bash with the missionaries. He is a very cool guy though.

Also this past week we had two other guys to be baptized on Sunday as well and both of them are named Bruno, but both of them were not baptized. One of the Bruno’s who is the cousin to Adriano just kept running from us, so it made it kind of difficult to get him in the water!! But I think maybe this Sunday we will be able to catch him. The other Bruno who is the nephew of the Bishop said he wanted to and everything, but two days before Sunday his Mom said he didn’t want to be baptized and that this Sunday is not the right time for baptism. Bruno was sitting right there next to her when she was saying all of this, but he wouldn’t say anything. When his mom is there, he doesn’t know what the right thing to say is because she really doesn’t want him to be baptized. She doesn’t like religion. It puts a little bit of difficulty in our work. But when Bruno can actually just tell his Mom what he actually wants then we will baptize him.

This past week as well, I haven’t learned much, or really did anything new, but I did get really sad. We are seeing a recent convert who is starting to be less active. The husband is part of the Quorum presidency and he loves being a part of the ward. His wife on the other hand is a little difficult. She told us, just me and Elder Collins that she doesn’t want to go to the temple to be sealed and if she could have done it all over again, she would have never had children. It’s just so sad to see a happy family starting to fall apart because they don’t know what is important. Also the husband doesn’t do his priesthood duties in the home and the wife is a little bothered by that which is understandable. Unfortunately no active members help the other members but seriously it’s the temple and exaltation!!  It’s what we should all strive to receive.

Today I am going to lunch with the zone leaders at one of their recent convert’s houses. I hope it will be a good lunch. The recent converts are very cool and help the missionaries a lot. But anyways that’s up with me. Oh and I am excited to get mail tomorrow night. Oh and our zone in Mossoro had 23 baptisms for the month. Out of 23 we had 7 men. And also of the 23 people, 3 completed a family in the church. SWEET!

I  love you and I am very excited to get all these packages and letters! I love you a lot and have a good week.


elder adam jensen