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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A drunk and my New Companion!

June 24th, 2013

Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

This past week was a blast. Not really....since the last time I talked to you I just got my new companion, but I stayed in the area. The first night I just wanted to show my companion the area a little bit and one investigator, but he insisted on getting new investigators right away. I told him that if he wants to make contacts then he should feel free to do so. WOW I don’t think I should have said that. His eyes just lit up out of joy. He started going left and right talking with everyone. Not even caring about set appointments. He is the most excited missionary I have ever seen. We ended up getting 23 new investigators this past week!! This number is great; however, NONE of them went to church. So I had to talk with him about new investigators. I told him that he will not be able to count a person as being an investigator unless they agree to be baptized and visit the church. So we will see how many people will become investigators next week. Actually I think it will probably be about the same number. He takes my baptism picture every chance he can get. It’s hilarious, but he loves it. My companion is from a city...I think it’s call La Pampa. I am not really sure. It speaks really deep and fast, so I have to pay a lot of attention when he speaks. 

So, Saturday was a very funny day! Actually just at night. We went to an investigators house. We were sitting outside talking about the book of Mormon and what not, but sooner or later, a drunk shows up. He kept on talking and talking about us and getting louder and louder. It was very frustrating but then again I love to mess with drunk people. He looked at me and asked me to read him some of the book of Mormon. I saw one scripture that started with "therefore, I know”, so what did I do?? I only said these three words and after the three I made up some words of my own. I said, "therefore, I know that you are drunk off of moonshine, and you are being very annoying, so you should return to the bar or go back inside because we are not the land of moonshine." he didn’t understand very well. Or maybe he didn’t want to. But after he that he started going off about how God is the greatest thing in his life and how he is our only Father. But he was speaking very loud during the lesson right next to us, so my companion looked at him and told him to give us five minutes of peace and quiet. That was a mistake by my companion! This drunk started yelling at this point that he couldn’t believe that my companion stopped him from talking about God. Over and over again he said the same exact thing..."he stopped me! I was talking about my Father, and he stopped me!" For a good ten minutes he just kept saying it over and over up and down the road to every single person on the road. I was laughing very hard at this point, but my companions face was the best part. He looked like he was afraid the drunk guy was going to hit him. Almost like he might crap his pants. Oh it was a good way to end the day. Absolutely Hilarious!!!

Well that’s all that happened. Oh and my knee is getting worse if you wanted to know. My feet are fine and my back. Only one knee is hurting in a specific spot. 


My companion is not too happy that he has a hurt companion, but he knows that he is with me to learn something important. I just hope that I can teach him those things that he needs.

Today here is a holiday. I don’t know what the holiday is called, but it’s a day where almost everything is closed not sure what for, but the holiday isn’t even important. It’s just people here like to have a reason to skip on work.

I am thinking of changing my Semester. I would be home August-the end of December. And I would be in school, January until July. No, I don’t think I should go all three semesters, I’d have no time at all for anything especially having relationships and that means that I wouldn’t marry Emily lol. But I could for one year go to all three to get caught up very quickly. Yes, I know that I would be home for your birthdays as well, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hunting Season!!

Oh and Gavin wrote me, His email was pretty funny. I enjoyed reading it. I don’t have much time left, sorry! I have about ten minutes. Too many people wrote me, and the thing that takes the most time is writing to President Hall each week

I hope you like the photo with President and Sister Hall and which missionary is good looking? 

The good looking Sisters or the Elders. Because there is only one good looking Elder there lol. It’s me! In the picture is me, my trainee and the sisters that are in my district.

But I love you and I will talk you next week.

Have a great week!


elder adam jensen


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Me a Trainer...?

 Hello Everyone

So this past week....

The week was totally fine and kind of slow with its normal difficulties, but Saturday comes around and everyone needed something. Members needed blessings, other missionaries needed to have interviews for their investigators, and this all had to be done from 6-9 p.m. It was a rush and for the most part, I wasn’t even in my area to do all of this. It was across town and the bus is ridiculous. Anyways, the good part about all of this is that the chapel that I went to was also having a party at the same time. I was able to see some great people and eat descent food and listen to horrible northeastern Brazil music. It’s awful, but everyone loves it here. That was my week basically. I hope more happened but nope!! 

Well other news....I got a call Monday night saying that I am going to be a trainer. I had to leave this morning at about 5 a.m. which is not a good time to wake up when you’re already exhausted from the work. But I went to João Pessoa and got my greenie and had lunch there and got the bus at about 3 p.m. but now I am finally back in my area and we will see how this goes. He seems like a good guy and wants to work. He is from Argentina and he has about 1 month on the mission. He just got out of the MTC. At least he speaks descent Portuguese. He isn’t like the others from his group that have no idea what a complete sentence is in Portuguese, but then again that’s exactly how I was when I arrived. I feel so bad for newbies now. It’s sad. So lost and so tired. And then they have to be trained by me. What a horrible situation for my newbie!

Hey my computer is all messed up, so if you have written back I probably won’t receive it. I am sorry that this week happened this way, so I will talk to you this coming Monday. I love you and I hope you can stay strong in all the good things you do! If it’s bad, then I have to wish you bad luck lol :D

And I can’t believe my future wife is holding another man.


Haha! Man it’s weird that Ammon is home and I am still here!

I love you

elder adam jensen


p.s. In answer to your questions:

 I got an email from grandpa that was a while ago. if he has sent one within the last month then no I did not receive the email.

I will be staying in the João Pessoa mission.

Oh and something’s that Ammon has told me, I would never tell you!! That is the point of having a best friend - not telling your Mothers their secrets!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Transfers Next Week

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 18:17:19 +0430
Subject: Re: which one do you like?

Hello Everyone,

So this past week,


Nothing happened – again!! I am trying, and I completed all of my goals or well the mission goals, but nothing. Four investigators came to church. Two of them will be baptized at the end of the month, but I would enjoy baptisms every week. Oh except the only things that did happen were that we had a conference with President Hall. It was good and I learned a little bit more. It will probably be the last time I see President Hall. He leaves at the end of the month. And I got two things of mail.


I got Nic's letter and the package from the ward. I was very very happy with the package!! Sorry Nic but the package had some very good things and I enjoyed the letters. Basically all of them said the same things and only about two lines, except for one letter, (it had a cow on it). And, yes still only one shoe LOL. No other packages, it must be nearly three months now since you mailed the packages, and don’t worry I won’t throw the one shoe away. By the way, from the Ward package, the only thing left is the seasonings!! I plan on making chili now on Friday. I made tacos last week. They were delicious!! But no I didn’t need to pay tax at all on it either~!.

With the pictures of Christ that you showed me, I enjoyed both the Christ pictures, and I liked the first one more, but I say this because it seems different than all others and it doesn’t look at all like a Catholic Church painting of Christ. So buy the first one!

Hey that’s pretty good for Dad with the grant for school. I know that the money will help. Is Nic trying at the moment to get in to Provo or BYUI or is he still thinking about it? Tell him that if he wants to live with me in Idaho I wouldn’t make him follow all the rules. I already got the set up with some friends to where we wouldn’t be watched over like babies!!

The Petrie's left in April. I still don’t know on which Mission I will be in when it splits in July. On the 19th I will know for sure. I still hope that it will be João Pessoa.

My companion is awesome. He is very calm and very patient. It works out between us both. But his leg has been hurting him, so he will start physical therapy soon. My knee is killing me as well. But that’s ok. But to be honest, I think we are both going to stay here together one more transfer.

I am fine. It’s true that I do not have any money in my personal account, but I still have money from the mission and I will get more from the mission this Friday. I should be fine for the time being: D

Hey but I have to go now. I love you so much and I will talk to you next week on Wednesday.

This is all I’ve got!!

 love you so much

 elder adam jensen

 p.s. I just got Elder Collins address today. Sorry, do remember when I asked if you could send the  pictures from Mossoro there? I love you a lot. His name is Zach Collins

A little upset...just a little!

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 18:12:43 +0430

Subject: Re: Good Morning!


Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

It wasn’t a bad week actually until Sunday. I hate Sundays actually. it’s a very stressful day on the mission. The good news from last week...is that we met with Geovanne, our baptism almost every day and everything was planned for him to be baptized. We met all of our goals as well - actually my whole district met their goals. I was happy for them!

Bad News: I am sitting next to Geovanne during sacrament trying to help him want to be baptized and be excited. He was scared and thought that because of his fear he shouldn’t be baptized. I was trying so hard to comfort him, even his dad and another young man tried to comfort him. By the end he said ok, that he would be baptized. So, right when we were about to get up out of the sacrament room, a woman came up and asked him if he really wanted to be baptized and he said that he wasn’t sure. So, this woman (a member) told him that he shouldn’t be baptized and that Sunday was not meant to be the day of his baptism. I WAS SO P....D! Ater an hour and half working with him to get over the fear, this member just comes up and had to open her mouth!!! I just wish that when a missionary has a baptism, that every single member will help the missionaries actually baptize! PLEASE never ever tell an investigator not to be baptized!!!! I hate these kind of people! I am here to fulfill a purpose and she just comes a long and crushes my whole purpose. So, by the time she finished I couldn’t do anything, she already said it and I could see the Geovanne already decided for sure that he wouldn’t be baptized. Oh the joys of the mission!!

Oh wait, do you remember when I said that a young woman wouldn’t be baptized because her husband doesn’t wasn’t to get sealed in the temple with her???? Well this Sunday he said that he will talk to her and try to get her baptized. I was so happy. He is finally going to back up and support his wife and help her choose the right decision. Woo Hoo!

I did include an SD card in my last letter but it probably has a virus on it hiding all of the photos or something, so you’ll have to go into the computer and make sure that it shows all hidden folders. If it doesn’t work at all, then something happened to it, but don’t worry, I still have the pictures on another SD card.

On another note on being a Psychologist, I was also thinking that therapy is like a little help in the process of repentance, and repentance can mean a lot of things. Like forgiving yourself for things that you may have done or what others have done, or just maybe how things have played out. It could be forgiving others. It could be a way of growing. A way of tearing down walls and starting over again. And repentance could just be a way of letting go and crying it out. Repentance in the end is a way of becoming a better you. Repentance is sacrifice we must all make, but in the end, we can become so much more. It just depends in what areas of repentance the person is needing. Because as I have learned, repentance is never a bad thing and actually it’s a great thing!! It’s a reliever from the pain that we might have. And therapy is a way of letting go and truly confessing about the things that hold us down. But the good thing about the Lord is that he has put many people on this earth, especially the ones closest to you to help. We all just have to ask!

I am hoping that maybe someone was able to get those packages from the Bishop’s house in J.P, if they have finally arrived there, I will then have the two shoes, instead of hopping around on one!!

Kurt Hansen has not written me yet, but that’s ok. I will see him again soon lol. That’s kind of funny that the YW you told me about and who she is dating, when I know someone here that she is writing to. He is serving the São Paulo East Mission and he lives on Whidbey Island. I knew him from the MTC and his twin brother is serving with me here in João Pessoa!

I have no idea how to do fiberglas, I am sure there must be a kit and hey that’s good about the weather – crabbing soon!

Ammon turned down my offer of bringing Emily on a date when he gets home, as she hasn’t spoken to him in a while.

But anything else going on at home? To reply to letters I need letters!

Hey but I have to go now. That’s all that happened for the time being. Transfers are on the 19th of this month. I will be speaking to you again on Monday.

There’s nothing else. My heart is full. I love you so much. I truly wish the best for you.

I love you a lot and I will talk to you next week.


elder adam jensen

p.s. This week we have conference with President Hall, so maybe I will get mail :D