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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A little upset...just a little!

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 18:12:43 +0430

Subject: Re: Good Morning!


Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

It wasn’t a bad week actually until Sunday. I hate Sundays actually. it’s a very stressful day on the mission. The good news from last week...is that we met with Geovanne, our baptism almost every day and everything was planned for him to be baptized. We met all of our goals as well - actually my whole district met their goals. I was happy for them!

Bad News: I am sitting next to Geovanne during sacrament trying to help him want to be baptized and be excited. He was scared and thought that because of his fear he shouldn’t be baptized. I was trying so hard to comfort him, even his dad and another young man tried to comfort him. By the end he said ok, that he would be baptized. So, right when we were about to get up out of the sacrament room, a woman came up and asked him if he really wanted to be baptized and he said that he wasn’t sure. So, this woman (a member) told him that he shouldn’t be baptized and that Sunday was not meant to be the day of his baptism. I WAS SO P....D! Ater an hour and half working with him to get over the fear, this member just comes up and had to open her mouth!!! I just wish that when a missionary has a baptism, that every single member will help the missionaries actually baptize! PLEASE never ever tell an investigator not to be baptized!!!! I hate these kind of people! I am here to fulfill a purpose and she just comes a long and crushes my whole purpose. So, by the time she finished I couldn’t do anything, she already said it and I could see the Geovanne already decided for sure that he wouldn’t be baptized. Oh the joys of the mission!!

Oh wait, do you remember when I said that a young woman wouldn’t be baptized because her husband doesn’t wasn’t to get sealed in the temple with her???? Well this Sunday he said that he will talk to her and try to get her baptized. I was so happy. He is finally going to back up and support his wife and help her choose the right decision. Woo Hoo!

I did include an SD card in my last letter but it probably has a virus on it hiding all of the photos or something, so you’ll have to go into the computer and make sure that it shows all hidden folders. If it doesn’t work at all, then something happened to it, but don’t worry, I still have the pictures on another SD card.

On another note on being a Psychologist, I was also thinking that therapy is like a little help in the process of repentance, and repentance can mean a lot of things. Like forgiving yourself for things that you may have done or what others have done, or just maybe how things have played out. It could be forgiving others. It could be a way of growing. A way of tearing down walls and starting over again. And repentance could just be a way of letting go and crying it out. Repentance in the end is a way of becoming a better you. Repentance is sacrifice we must all make, but in the end, we can become so much more. It just depends in what areas of repentance the person is needing. Because as I have learned, repentance is never a bad thing and actually it’s a great thing!! It’s a reliever from the pain that we might have. And therapy is a way of letting go and truly confessing about the things that hold us down. But the good thing about the Lord is that he has put many people on this earth, especially the ones closest to you to help. We all just have to ask!

I am hoping that maybe someone was able to get those packages from the Bishop’s house in J.P, if they have finally arrived there, I will then have the two shoes, instead of hopping around on one!!

Kurt Hansen has not written me yet, but that’s ok. I will see him again soon lol. That’s kind of funny that the YW you told me about and who she is dating, when I know someone here that she is writing to. He is serving the São Paulo East Mission and he lives on Whidbey Island. I knew him from the MTC and his twin brother is serving with me here in João Pessoa!

I have no idea how to do fiberglas, I am sure there must be a kit and hey that’s good about the weather – crabbing soon!

Ammon turned down my offer of bringing Emily on a date when he gets home, as she hasn’t spoken to him in a while.

But anything else going on at home? To reply to letters I need letters!

Hey but I have to go now. That’s all that happened for the time being. Transfers are on the 19th of this month. I will be speaking to you again on Monday.

There’s nothing else. My heart is full. I love you so much. I truly wish the best for you.

I love you a lot and I will talk to you next week.


elder adam jensen

p.s. This week we have conference with President Hall, so maybe I will get mail :D

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