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Monday, May 27, 2013

Good News and Bad News

Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 17:54:50 +0430
Subject: Re: Good Morning!

Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

This past week was pretty good and pretty bad, the good parts is that we met all of our goals, and that I did some interviews for people to get baptized, and I got a free lunch in a different area. 

Bad parts....our baptism, that lives a good hour and half away walking, didn’t go to church on Sunday with his family. Half of the family was sick, so our baptism didn’t happen. Also this same kid, on Saturday night we planned an interview for him, and he would not go to the church for the interview. I tried everything to get him to go, and he wouldn’t budge. The more I talked about the interview, the more he wanted nothing. The Zone Leaders were already there waiting to in the church, and we were in a different city basically. It totally sucked!

Our other baptism that we had, he decided one day that he wanted nothing from us on Thursday.
We have no idea what happened, so we will talk to him tonight. We couldn’t see him that much last week, because of our other baptism that never happened.

Oh and the other bad thing is that a companionship in my district went to the President's office today. One of them with his suitcases. I don’t know what he did or what happened. I am worried for them both, but I want to know what this companionship did or what happened, since I am responsible for them being the District Leader. I like them both, but I still hope for the best.

Oh and when we had the free lunch, the member decided to put on a CD that had all of your music videos of movies like, Grease, Dirty Dancing and stuff like that. I got pretty trunky. Especially because of the Grease videos. it reminded me of watching the movies with you Mom when I was younger, about how much I loved spending time with you and just watching movies like Grease, kind of gay for me saying this, but it’s true, I was missing of the old times watching movies and just relaxing with my mother on off-days from school. I almost cried during lunch because of the music!

Anyway, those things are horrible that happened in England. Those English people standing around are horrible. but really, they wanted to video tape it? That’s sick!! Also, that really sucks about the bridge. I don’t even remember where it is, but I know that there is probably a little bit of panic and frustration now for people. Hey did anyone die? And what happened with the tornado in Oklahoma?

I talk with the Bishop each Sunday, but nothing has happened yet, with organizing a pot-luck or anything. I try to get the members involved and they want to help, but they are not always there when we can use them. And they day of the interview, was the day that everyone went to the temple.

And yeah it looks like Emily still is being lazy now that she isn’t in school. I didn’t understand about the signs, what did Emily tell you? She hasn’t written or emailed me. Ammon writes me every week. he asked me what he should do when he gets back. I said to take Emily on a date!!

I think I have 38 or 39 credits. Why? I think it was14 credits the first each semester. I think when I get back I will just stick to 12 and see how it goes. And wow 1.9, that is very low. Looks like I need to work a lot harder. 1.9 is like an average of a D each class. Wow it’s horrible!
I got the pictures and I liked them very much. except for that white looking chair, it doesn’t go well in the living room, actually I won’t lie, but I think it’s ugly lol. Don’t take it wrong, but it’s just my opinion hahaha. Yeah it was the chair that has the gray patterns on it. I don’t really know what color it was, I just know that’s its next to the brown recliner, there’s a table between them. I liked the benches. The benches turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Congratulations! I liked the brown in the living room, it made it look more of a relaxing home - like a cabin but near the beach.

I would love Resses Puffs. No I don’t need 50more bucks. But I have to go now. Already an hour has passed. I got on a little earlier today so that I could have an hour with you. It has been an hour and a half now on the internet. But love you and I will talk to you next week.

If anyone wants to email me at:
adj1991@myldsmail.net or snail mail and I really do mean snail mail at:

Elder Adam Jensen
Jaoa Pessoa Missao
Rua Deputardo Jose Mariz # 515
Joao Pessoa
P.B 58042-020

with love,

elder adam jensen

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