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Monday, May 27, 2013

So Slow...

May 20th, 2013
Hello Everyone,
So this past week...
Actually this week felt like it past by so slowly! I was dying!  But anyways, Matheus was baptized!! It wasn’t easy, but I was very happy he was. Well, during the week, Matheus´s mom was very nice with us and let us in and said that Matheus could be baptized. she even said that she would watch the baptism and go to church with him the next day. Actually, the whole family said they would, but when the day of the baptism rolled around, I got to their door to get Matheus and bring him to the church, his mom started yelling at me, but in a quiet tone. She started going off saying that she will never go to our church and that she will never want her son to be a part of it, and that she doesn’t agree that her son should be baptized. She kept saying this over and over again, but in the end she said that Matheus can do whatever he wants to do. (the good thing is that she already signed the papers to let him get baptized, so with or without her verbal consent, I was going to baptize Matheus). Oh and she finally consented to letting him get baptized, but she still was very mad for some reason.  I hope that Matheus can show his example at home. The weirdest thing was is that we went there every day and she was very nice, but man she exploded on the day of the baptism. to be honest, I think someone told her very bad things about the church. who happens to live right near here. Stupid people, who know nothing!
Oh and two other things happened Saturday and Sunday. we were able to commit two other people to baptism this Sunday! They have been going to church for some time now and I had no idea that they were not already baptized. So as a missionary, I did what I have to do. I invited them to be baptized. Well it worked and they committed!!! It should be great. I love it when people say yes. Actually the word no, can be a very hurtful word and should be used a lot less!
I have a leadership meeting with the President tomorrow, so I might get more mail. The leadership meeting is normal thing and it’s here in Campina Grande with President Hall and all other leaders of this mission.  I have to wait to have a meeting with the new Bishop here in Catolé about activities.  
Well I have to go now, it’s already more than an hour. Sorry we haven’t had much time to speak. I will talk to you next week I got on an hour ago, either you just haven’t been writing back and I don’t know what’s up, it’s either your computer or mine but either way, I have to go now. Sorry!!
That’s all folks!
I love you a lot
elder adam jensen

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