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Monday, May 27, 2013

Good News and Bad News

Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 17:54:50 +0430
Subject: Re: Good Morning!

Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

This past week was pretty good and pretty bad, the good parts is that we met all of our goals, and that I did some interviews for people to get baptized, and I got a free lunch in a different area. 

Bad parts....our baptism, that lives a good hour and half away walking, didn’t go to church on Sunday with his family. Half of the family was sick, so our baptism didn’t happen. Also this same kid, on Saturday night we planned an interview for him, and he would not go to the church for the interview. I tried everything to get him to go, and he wouldn’t budge. The more I talked about the interview, the more he wanted nothing. The Zone Leaders were already there waiting to in the church, and we were in a different city basically. It totally sucked!

Our other baptism that we had, he decided one day that he wanted nothing from us on Thursday.
We have no idea what happened, so we will talk to him tonight. We couldn’t see him that much last week, because of our other baptism that never happened.

Oh and the other bad thing is that a companionship in my district went to the President's office today. One of them with his suitcases. I don’t know what he did or what happened. I am worried for them both, but I want to know what this companionship did or what happened, since I am responsible for them being the District Leader. I like them both, but I still hope for the best.

Oh and when we had the free lunch, the member decided to put on a CD that had all of your music videos of movies like, Grease, Dirty Dancing and stuff like that. I got pretty trunky. Especially because of the Grease videos. it reminded me of watching the movies with you Mom when I was younger, about how much I loved spending time with you and just watching movies like Grease, kind of gay for me saying this, but it’s true, I was missing of the old times watching movies and just relaxing with my mother on off-days from school. I almost cried during lunch because of the music!

Anyway, those things are horrible that happened in England. Those English people standing around are horrible. but really, they wanted to video tape it? That’s sick!! Also, that really sucks about the bridge. I don’t even remember where it is, but I know that there is probably a little bit of panic and frustration now for people. Hey did anyone die? And what happened with the tornado in Oklahoma?

I talk with the Bishop each Sunday, but nothing has happened yet, with organizing a pot-luck or anything. I try to get the members involved and they want to help, but they are not always there when we can use them. And they day of the interview, was the day that everyone went to the temple.

And yeah it looks like Emily still is being lazy now that she isn’t in school. I didn’t understand about the signs, what did Emily tell you? She hasn’t written or emailed me. Ammon writes me every week. he asked me what he should do when he gets back. I said to take Emily on a date!!

I think I have 38 or 39 credits. Why? I think it was14 credits the first each semester. I think when I get back I will just stick to 12 and see how it goes. And wow 1.9, that is very low. Looks like I need to work a lot harder. 1.9 is like an average of a D each class. Wow it’s horrible!
I got the pictures and I liked them very much. except for that white looking chair, it doesn’t go well in the living room, actually I won’t lie, but I think it’s ugly lol. Don’t take it wrong, but it’s just my opinion hahaha. Yeah it was the chair that has the gray patterns on it. I don’t really know what color it was, I just know that’s its next to the brown recliner, there’s a table between them. I liked the benches. The benches turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Congratulations! I liked the brown in the living room, it made it look more of a relaxing home - like a cabin but near the beach.

I would love Resses Puffs. No I don’t need 50more bucks. But I have to go now. Already an hour has passed. I got on a little earlier today so that I could have an hour with you. It has been an hour and a half now on the internet. But love you and I will talk to you next week.

If anyone wants to email me at:
adj1991@myldsmail.net or snail mail and I really do mean snail mail at:

Elder Adam Jensen
Jaoa Pessoa Missao
Rua Deputardo Jose Mariz # 515
Joao Pessoa
P.B 58042-020

with love,

elder adam jensen

So Slow...

May 20th, 2013
Hello Everyone,
So this past week...
Actually this week felt like it past by so slowly! I was dying!  But anyways, Matheus was baptized!! It wasn’t easy, but I was very happy he was. Well, during the week, Matheus´s mom was very nice with us and let us in and said that Matheus could be baptized. she even said that she would watch the baptism and go to church with him the next day. Actually, the whole family said they would, but when the day of the baptism rolled around, I got to their door to get Matheus and bring him to the church, his mom started yelling at me, but in a quiet tone. She started going off saying that she will never go to our church and that she will never want her son to be a part of it, and that she doesn’t agree that her son should be baptized. She kept saying this over and over again, but in the end she said that Matheus can do whatever he wants to do. (the good thing is that she already signed the papers to let him get baptized, so with or without her verbal consent, I was going to baptize Matheus). Oh and she finally consented to letting him get baptized, but she still was very mad for some reason.  I hope that Matheus can show his example at home. The weirdest thing was is that we went there every day and she was very nice, but man she exploded on the day of the baptism. to be honest, I think someone told her very bad things about the church. who happens to live right near here. Stupid people, who know nothing!
Oh and two other things happened Saturday and Sunday. we were able to commit two other people to baptism this Sunday! They have been going to church for some time now and I had no idea that they were not already baptized. So as a missionary, I did what I have to do. I invited them to be baptized. Well it worked and they committed!!! It should be great. I love it when people say yes. Actually the word no, can be a very hurtful word and should be used a lot less!
I have a leadership meeting with the President tomorrow, so I might get more mail. The leadership meeting is normal thing and it’s here in Campina Grande with President Hall and all other leaders of this mission.  I have to wait to have a meeting with the new Bishop here in Catolé about activities.  
Well I have to go now, it’s already more than an hour. Sorry we haven’t had much time to speak. I will talk to you next week I got on an hour ago, either you just haven’t been writing back and I don’t know what’s up, it’s either your computer or mine but either way, I have to go now. Sorry!!
That’s all folks!
I love you a lot
elder adam jensen

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone,

So this past week...


I worked lol. Well I mean I got some people to progress through invites and such, but not very many people went to church that I expected. I understand since it was Mother’s Day, so people were having parties and no time to go to church and prepare food. I think that is a downside about Brazil. Lunch is like our dinner - BIG and everyone is together. When church is in the morning, not a lot of people have a lot of time to prepare lunch and go to church. It sucks, but I have to deal with it and try to work around it!

We tried to teach Gabriela last week as well, but she is never home! It’s so difficult!!!! But I finally learned on Saturday that her class in the morning is over. She no longer has that class! It would have been better to know that last Sunday or maybe last Monday! If I visited her then maybe she would have gone to church and started to really progress, but at least this week that I know this information now, she can’t run away from us now lol.

But this Saturday, most likely, only Matheus will be baptized. He is a cool kid, but kind of shy. Well to really open up about how he feels about the church. All I know is that he likes the church and wants to be baptized, so that’s what I am going to do. Baptize him!

Ha so only 25% of royalites for writing my blog each week Mom? We will have to find out who is following the blog who are unknown to us! Tell them to write to me!

To answer your question, I am the second oldest in the house. Elder G’Oliveira has 5-6 months left on his mission, he leaves in October. Ha-ha and yeah I love to laugh and joke around, and I am happy that I am able to do it in Portuguese as well!

Yesterday as it was Mother’s Day, I said it to the other Elder’s, like us children work in the house every day, not just mother’s day - that we give you some sort of present each day by cleaning!

My testimony truly is strong, and God never abandons us! It’s us that leave him. We just need to try and make it back to him, because only with him, we can truly be happy for eternity.

New things....ha nothing!!! Everything has slowed down, but at least when things slow down your able to see more and prioritize. I love organization. I think that’s one of the many reasons why I love the church. It’s just organized! It makes things so much easier, but as a Missionary, I have to bear my testimony every day, but to do that I must believe, love, and to live my testimony. Being strong in the church and understanding that it is the only true church on this earth is a blessing in my life. I know I will continue to believe and continue to show that I believe. Being the man I want to be is the man the understands the importance of church and the path of God, and wanting to give that same blessing to others. such as family, wife, and friends. Without this one true path, then so many people including myself would be lost in this world. It’s only a short time to try and do everything God asks of us. I am grateful that I was raised to know what I am supposed to do. Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you both!!

But I have to go now. I love you and I will talk to you next week. Thank you for everything and next week we will have more time.


elder adam jensen

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Companion!

May 8, 2013

So this past week...

Not much happened like usual. We worked hard and had some success and some opposite sides of success. We talked with Gabriela, an investigator that is possibly going to be baptized on the 18th, and she seems excited about the church - but only a little scared because her family is Catholic.

Yesterday was hilarious though when we saw her. We went to her house but she wasn’t there, so we went to our next appointment. But while we were there, Gabriela passed by in the driving school car. She saw us and started laughing due to embarrassment, but she started laughing right in front of a speed bump, so she ended up stuck in front of the speed bump! While she was laughing she finally was able to get over the hump after two minutes. With another investigator, Matheus - his mom doesn’t like Missionaries and doesn’t want to talk to us, but we talked to Matheus and said that he has to talk to his Mom about how much he wants to be baptized, and he did!! His mom gave authorization. We will now baptize him on the 18th. I am so happy due to miracles from the Lord. The missionaries before me tried and tried to get him baptized but no one was able to do it. I succeeded!! Sadly, another person was cut and we stopped teaching her. Other people have become potential investigators - just a normal week in the life of a Missionary!

On Monday night we went to a pizza place that is a pizza buffet. It was pretty good and a little crazy, but ended up being a lot of pictures. It was me and three other missionaries with some of the youth from the ward - pretty funny!

My companion was transferred to Belo Horizonte, Mossoró. He will like it a lot there. My new companion is Elder Vellela. He is from São Paulo, that’s about all I know about him for now. Next week I will know more. Oh and he has about 7 months on the mission. He is Brazilian, so I don’t need to teach anyone Portuguese. That’s a nice thing! My last companion spoke Portuguese, except it was with a Spanish accent. It was actually kind of funny sometimes and we laughed my new companion is 19.

I will be visiting Gabriela. Matheus. Maria José. Ana Paula. Maria Edwarda. Deborah. José Barbosa. Andrei. A lot of people this next week. The ward here has mutual and seminary. Also, Ricardo is married and baptized!

I got Grandma’s letter. I also got the debit card and its working. I got a package that had the peanut butter to go, ranch, and the chocolate bar, and taco seasoning. I don’t know how that one arrived so fast. I think the other package that you sent with the other adidas sandal may have been stolen. I think this because you may have written on the package wrong. The package that had the smoked salmon said it was supposed to have the sandal, peanut butter and hot sauce. So I think you may have written on the package that it should have smoked salmon in it. Sorry if it got stolen. But I am hoping it gets to me soon. So, only one shoe still, I hope you don’t cut one of my legs off.

I am a little better now. Ha-ha ya, I am excited for this weekend. And yes I will call before. I will most likely call you guys when my companion is on Skype lol. I will Skype though at 1 p.m. there I think. It’s a four hour difference isn’t it?

Oh and today, 5 people in the Zone kept asking me what’s my secret for staying so calm. I didn’t know how to answer them. I think I am calm because someone had to be the opposite of you though, Mom! lol.

I am very grateful for everything you have given me in my life and at this moment on my mission. Hey I got to go though; I will talk to you again on Sunday.

Love you and I will see you soon lol


elder adam jensen

Lot's of Investigators!

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 10:59:33 -0300
Subject: Re: Hey Adam


Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

This past week actually was very tiring but not much happened. We completed all of our goals and 5 investigators went to church. But three of the investigators were a huge surprise!!. One of them was Banda, who had moved away or left or something like that, so we never expected her to come back. But the next thing we know is that she was in the church and looked like she was liking it. Another person was Deborah, who likes us ~ Elder Franco and I, but she seems like she would never follow. But she happened to be at church for the first time. Deborah has been taught and met with the missionaries for a very long time, but finally she went to church. I was very happy to see her there. Another was a girl named Gabriela. she is never at home and she never has time to meet with us, so we stopped trying, it was just too difficult to try and see her. But on Sunday her member friend went and got her from her house and brought her to church. She liked everything and she is already reading the Book of Mormon and believing! Gabriela is now the number one person we will be working with especially because next week she won’t have any classes in the college to go to. Woo-Hoo investigators that care!!!

To answer your question, I am not frustrated. I don’t know, I am fine and I will continue to work. It’s just that I guess I am just missing a lot of things right now. I know that I will continue to work very hard, but sometimes it’s ok to be a little homesick but I also think it is because someone in the house here is finishing his mission at the moment, he is pretty trunky!! I am doing fine and it always passes, these little moments of trunkyness.

Today I learned that my debit card finally arrived at the Bishop's house. I should receive it on Wednesday or Thursday depending when he comes to Campina Grande I cannot believe that my debit card has finally arrived, actually Elder Simpson that told me he got my card and he said that the other package still hasn’t arrived. It kind of sucks but Oh well! Still only one Addidas shoe! I would love that beef jerky right now to be honest!!

 I think that’s awesome about Curtis. I am pretty sure he will love Arizona. there are actually quite a few missionaries on this mission from Arizona. Oh and here in the city it is now raining a lot. I get wet every day now. I am actually loving it lol!

Yeah being district leader is a challenge. Like being a leader of 2 other companionships feels like nothing but being responsible for everything they do can get stressful. If they can’t meet their goals or if they are having difficulties or whatever, it also becomes my mistake and not just theirs. kind of frustrating but I am a pretty relaxed person so I try not to let it get to me, and at this moment I would rather have the sisters in my district because they meet their goals every week and baptize each month, but I know that I need to stay here because they are a lot more people I am needing to meet and help.

Thank you for the thought from Pres. Eyring. it is very true because at times we never really perceive that something has happened through the Lord’s hands. But we must pray to him always and maybe through the prayers are eyes will be opened so that we can see more of the Lord's work, such as the gifts he has already given us.

Yeah the day is the same. January 17th, 2014, but I was thinking that maybe it would be better going to the Canada airport because of how the layout is when coming back through customs, but anyways, I am excited for that day. coming home and I probably will cry! I can’t think about it too much or I will get worse. But oh well I am doing good and I get over these moments pretty fast.

I have to go now but I love you and I will talk to you next week on Wednesday. transfers!!!

well I love you and thank you for the email.

 elder adam jensen