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Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Companion!

May 8, 2013

So this past week...

Not much happened like usual. We worked hard and had some success and some opposite sides of success. We talked with Gabriela, an investigator that is possibly going to be baptized on the 18th, and she seems excited about the church - but only a little scared because her family is Catholic.

Yesterday was hilarious though when we saw her. We went to her house but she wasn’t there, so we went to our next appointment. But while we were there, Gabriela passed by in the driving school car. She saw us and started laughing due to embarrassment, but she started laughing right in front of a speed bump, so she ended up stuck in front of the speed bump! While she was laughing she finally was able to get over the hump after two minutes. With another investigator, Matheus - his mom doesn’t like Missionaries and doesn’t want to talk to us, but we talked to Matheus and said that he has to talk to his Mom about how much he wants to be baptized, and he did!! His mom gave authorization. We will now baptize him on the 18th. I am so happy due to miracles from the Lord. The missionaries before me tried and tried to get him baptized but no one was able to do it. I succeeded!! Sadly, another person was cut and we stopped teaching her. Other people have become potential investigators - just a normal week in the life of a Missionary!

On Monday night we went to a pizza place that is a pizza buffet. It was pretty good and a little crazy, but ended up being a lot of pictures. It was me and three other missionaries with some of the youth from the ward - pretty funny!

My companion was transferred to Belo Horizonte, Mossoró. He will like it a lot there. My new companion is Elder Vellela. He is from São Paulo, that’s about all I know about him for now. Next week I will know more. Oh and he has about 7 months on the mission. He is Brazilian, so I don’t need to teach anyone Portuguese. That’s a nice thing! My last companion spoke Portuguese, except it was with a Spanish accent. It was actually kind of funny sometimes and we laughed my new companion is 19.

I will be visiting Gabriela. Matheus. Maria José. Ana Paula. Maria Edwarda. Deborah. José Barbosa. Andrei. A lot of people this next week. The ward here has mutual and seminary. Also, Ricardo is married and baptized!

I got Grandma’s letter. I also got the debit card and its working. I got a package that had the peanut butter to go, ranch, and the chocolate bar, and taco seasoning. I don’t know how that one arrived so fast. I think the other package that you sent with the other adidas sandal may have been stolen. I think this because you may have written on the package wrong. The package that had the smoked salmon said it was supposed to have the sandal, peanut butter and hot sauce. So I think you may have written on the package that it should have smoked salmon in it. Sorry if it got stolen. But I am hoping it gets to me soon. So, only one shoe still, I hope you don’t cut one of my legs off.

I am a little better now. Ha-ha ya, I am excited for this weekend. And yes I will call before. I will most likely call you guys when my companion is on Skype lol. I will Skype though at 1 p.m. there I think. It’s a four hour difference isn’t it?

Oh and today, 5 people in the Zone kept asking me what’s my secret for staying so calm. I didn’t know how to answer them. I think I am calm because someone had to be the opposite of you though, Mom! lol.

I am very grateful for everything you have given me in my life and at this moment on my mission. Hey I got to go though; I will talk to you again on Sunday.

Love you and I will see you soon lol


elder adam jensen

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