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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It will get better!


Hello Everyone

So this past week...

I am trying to have a better attitude, but wow this past week was possibly the worst week I have ever had on the mission. I have listened to so many people say they will never come back to church because of specific leaders and some people can’t be baptized because of things in the past.

I would say some of the things I heard or witnessed, but it would not be appropriate to put on the blog, actually it would be better to be forgotten, but it’s hard to get passed something’s, that affect your work and your success.

I was not the happiest camper listening to these things. I know that leaving the church because of one or two leaders is not a good enough reason to leave the only true church on the earth, and what is really more important  your salvation in a church that actually has the authority of god, or worrying about other people? Ridiculous!! But all in all, Sunday was alright in the end.

We had three investigators that want to be baptized next week, so we will see what happens. I am praying, working and hoping for the best.  Oh and my district, or well one companionship in my district baptized two people this week.  One was a man that doesn’t like me too much and a women who got married on Friday and right after, she got baptized as well. The man that they baptized doesn’t like me that much because he started to like one of the sisters, and every time he is near her, I purposely flirt with her to make him jealous. Maybe because this sister likes me and not him.  - Hahaha sucks to be him, but really he is a pretty cool guy and I am very happy for him that he wants to change his life and be a better person.  I think he will be one of the strong ones!

I am nice to both of the girls that seem to like me, actually I am very nice but I just like one of them more than the other hey but do you want to see the sister that likes me but the one I don’t like. this one that likes me wants to live in the US already. when she gets back she wants to be home for only a month then head on out to the US for a year. no but she is trying to flirt with me every time I talk with her on the phone

I am not worrying about my mission. I know I will have success and I know that things will get better, including my knee. It’s just that lately a lot of sad things have happened.

I thought about things lately that I would like from home, but I don’t remember now. You can send me anything you would like. Actually would you like my Christmas list???
If I send it to you then I wouldn’t want you to send me these things. Just keep them in the house till I get home in January.

1. BOD cologne. the green spray bottle, it’s cheap and I like the smell.

2. That nice black jacket from Kohls if you remember.  If not then it’s all good.

3. Shotgun shells, or a belt from Cabellas that is also a shotgun shell holder and a gun holder. I can send you a picture of it.

4. Or... just some money to buy new clothes. that would be nice. just some money set aside and you and I could go out shopping to by myself new clothes.

5. Oh and a cell phone - preferably the iPhone 5s or the android thunderbolt.

That’s all though, if it’s too much then I can make my list again at a more affordable Christmas.

My companion is still gung ho. I think he gets tired of the fact that I can’t work though. He knows he can’t do anything about it, but I think he secretly judges me.

Oh and the MRI was authorized. I am going there in about 45 minutes. I will leave and then be able to get back on email. My knee, it’s like off and on pain, well like a constant pain, but some days are worse than others - kind of sucks. But I have to go now. I think I will get back on to tell you the results and talk a little more because right now I have to catch a bus to go do the test. I think I will get back on about 2 p.m. here, so four hour difference. love you and I hope you are able to be on at that time.

love you,


I am back lol. I basically got the MRI and that’s it.

The one young girl - no she not American she is Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. Very good looking and already speaks English, and at times it seems that she likes me but it could just be her flirty personality. I will try to get a picture of her sent to you. In my district, there are no Americans.  Oh BTW at times, I try to say that I am American and people don’t believe me -Ridiculous.

But this week was about two investigators and 6 different members.
The six members, every single one of them said they will never come back because of the same exact leaders. Some of them have written to Salt Lake or São Paulo to try and fix the situation but nothing changed and they said they wouldn’t come back until they are released. These members used to be the most faithful - VERY active and always showed charity and kindness.

Well I love you and I will talk to you soon, I love you a lot and I will talk with you next week on Wednesday as it is transfer week!


elder adam jensen

Monday, July 15, 2013


Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:51:58 -0300


Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

We tried and tried and tried but nothing ever goes our way. All the people we are teaching and all the things we have used to get people in the water just doesn’t work! Nicolas, our investigator ended up being too afraid to stand up to his drunk dad, so he never even went to church.

Felipe our other investigator decided that his parents are right and that he shouldn’t be baptized because he still does bad things like helping his parents in the house. Ridiculous.

At every turn someone is there just waiting to stop the baptism from happening. I wanted to cry or punch someone in the face, but instead I just hugged someone!! Oh and none of the people we wanted to be at church - didn’t go!!!! Ahh and on top of that I heard some very bad things from other members on Sunday gossiping about other members of course!!!!! I was not in the best mood on Sunday. Actually, thinking about it, it’s kind of like this every Sunday. I think after the mission I will enjoy Sunday again, with no worries about investigators and no worries about a baptism or even worry about people going inactive for a while. Back home I feel it is difficult to go inactive; it’s like you have a bigger reason to go to church - but here WOW! The reasons they come up with to stop going - I can’t take it! It makes me very sad and frustrated. Anyway, we should have two baptisms this next week, two men, Gilberto and Carlos, two people that are wanting to follow God and Jesus Christ. We already say hi to everyone and talk with everyone while we are out and about, it doesn’t work here because everyone is so open to things, but too lazy to follow, or that hard heart thing that doesn’t want to follow but loves to listen.

Well that’s all the new things except that interviews with President Nogueria were very fast. It was just...."are you worthy, following the rules, how old are you, how much time on the mission, and if we have any problems with our health?" He also told me that I have until the end of the month to get better with my knee. I don’t know how I will get better, but at least me knee is hurting less and I know it’s all because of the prayers. The MRI never happened. I am still waiting – RIDICUOUS!

So at this point I just gave up on this authorization from the Church medical insurance - I think it will never happen. Also, President Nogueira said that we can’t have missionaries with leg problems on this mission. So if it doesn’t get better by the end of the month I have to call him and we will go from there. I don’t know yet about going home, like at times I feel that I am wasting time and that I have already done what I am here to do, but at other times I feel like going home wouldn’t solve many things. Like I would probably just end up going to physical therapy back home for about 6 weeks and then I would be totally fine. But I know that if I go back, I probably would not come back to finish my mission. Yeah I bought the shoes. They were 45 American dollars. Thank you: D

The shoes fit very well and I don’t need insoles in them at this moment. I don’t really know what is going to happen at the end of the month. They might just send me to João Pessoa and stay there for a little bit and try and see a doctor there.

I am sorry I have to go now and I will talk to you next Monday, I love you so much and have a great week.


elder adam jensen

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 11:38:43 -0300
Subject: Re: Good Morning or afternoon?

Hello Everyone, 

So this past week...

I went back to Vera’s house thinking I could maybe, just maybe get her baptized...yeah that was a mistake!! I found her passed out drunk on her bedroom floor. I was very displeased!

We have a new goal to try and mark everyone’s baptisms. Actually 5 per day. It went very well and very bad. Got rejected only a few times, but when someone talks like they have had a lot of schooling or educated, they just want to say yes. We ended up having 6 more people marked for this month, but none of them went to church. It’s kind of a normal thing I am noticing here in the northeast of Brasil. Really annoying! 

 The good thing though is that on Sunday, two people that I did not expect to be at church went. Two girls that our sisters to the brother that we have been teaching. My companion went to their house yesterday and talked about baptism with all of them including the parents. The mother seems interested in talking with us about this. I think that she is wanting her children to be baptized. I hope.......:)

My knee has not gotten any better. I went back to the MRI place and they said that our Church health plan has not yet authorized the MRI. I am still in a waiting period. It’s ridiculous!!! But for now I am just trying to deal with it. I hope I can get it fixed soon though. But yesterday it was hurting a lot. I couldn’t bend it that much or it would just kill me. But at least everyone knows what’s going on and they want to help. I haven’t used our Regence Insurance at all. And they would have to get authorization from Regence as well. Just because it’s a health plan. Almost no one has them here because everyone is poor, so I have to wait until it’s authorized - and you don’t need to email the mission home Mom!! It’s the health plan. They can’t do anything about it.

I liked the photos you attached from the 4th except where Emily is not kissing me! LOL! Well, she is

giving my brother Nic a peck on the cheek!

We have about 25 more minutes if we’re fast at responding: D

Oh and I found some really sweet shoes the other day. They are 45 dollars and I have around 10 reals left! Hmmm….

So, ok for Christmas gifts I will get you some flip flops. They are cheap here because I am near a factory full of them! Oh and I got the packages that were sent to the Bishops house in Ipes. The two small ones that had ranch and peanut butter in them. Also a card from Sean. And your card with that two pieces to the heart and you and dad in a picture no sandal still but that’s ok!

I am emotionally fine. I miss a lot of things still but I am good. And if my knee needs surgery I would have to return home to do it. It also depends on how long I would be at home if I should return to the Misison or not. Like if I had to return for 3 months, then the time wouldn’t count as being in the field. If it was for just a month then it would count as time in the field. If I had to stay for three months at home, then I would probably just stay at home, but I have to go now. I love you and thank- you for everything!!!


elder adam jensen

A letter to our Camano Island Ward, Arlington Stake, WA

This was received from Elder Jensen and read in sacrament meeting by bishop Dale Tilley on July 7th, 2013

June 17th, 2013

Dear Bishop and Ward

I would like to thank the youth for the letter's and the package. I enjoyed EVERYTHING!
Actually, it's kind of crazy how one package can be such an attitude changed for missionaries.
Before I received the package, I was a little down because we're not having much success, but due to what I received it doesn't really matter because I know the Lord is on my side and I know people love me!

Well, I would like everyone to know that I am doing just fine and working very hard. Work here is very easy to get the investigators, but it's so hard to get them to do anything. The weather is still hot, which makes the ground hot, which eats away the sole of your shoes pretty fast. But in the end, I love these people here and would do anything for them and I would be grateful if I could serve them for Eternity!

The things that I have gained to be a better me from these people here is something I will never forget.

I love the Gospel, Church and my Mission and I know that the church is TRUE!


elder adam jensen

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My knee is hurting!

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 10:30:03 -0300

Hello Everyone


So this past week...

We worked soo hard trying to get so many people to church and accept baptism!!! But what were the results!!!!! NO-ONE except for one person we invited and marked for baptism went to church, and then on top of that our baptism ran away on Sunday. She stopped drinking and smoking, but when Sunday hit, she was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere and nothing! We looked again at about 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. but still NOTHING! We have no idea what happened to her.

That was the whole week. running back and forth trying so hard for people to progress and those were the result! RIDICULOUS!

The new Mission President is already here. It is his Mission now, but for what comes next, we have no idea - new rules, new meetings, nothing new yet!

I have got no mail yet. maybe next week I will have more.

I went to the doctors today. Yes, he is an orthopedist. Sister Hall told me to visit the doctor. But again, another ridiculous situation! The doctor looked at my knee and sent me to another place to take an MRI, but the MRI place said that they have to verify my insurance to even take the MRI, so I think Wednesday or Thursday I will finally know what is wrong. Stupid doctors and Brasil. So they are waiting from the LDS insurance. Regence will cover it, but we never use our own insurance here. It wouldn’t work if nothing is wrong, I will be so angry! I just want to know what’s wrong and how I can fix it. If he says nothing and that I have to deal with it, it is just frustrating! I will suggest going back home to ask a real doctor and what he thinks? Doctor’s here are not very good. I feel like I am in England and their health insurance. horrible! URGH socialism! Ha-ha I am just kidding Mom! And yes, I have been doing everything for my knee. icing every day. medicine. good shoes. and the designated exercises that the LDS doctor sent me via email. So next week I will have the results for you guys. The doctor said nothing. just sent me to another place. and after that place I have to return to him to get his opinion. ridiculous but I think it could be worth it. but I went to the doctors today already. I just have to wait for the insurance to approve the MRI and then I will know what is wrong. the LDS doctor is soooo certain that its overuse syndrome in the knee, but we will see. I want to prove him wrong actually!. I have no idea, but the doctor in São Paulo said that usually runners or hikers get this. he said he has seen it in a lot of missionaries already. I think it’s just an excuse because no other doctor has seen anything in a lot of MRI´s. What was it about the orthotics! I am wearing great shoes, with insoles. O stop worrying. everything at this point is at an ok. Oh but really don’t worry about the orthotics’, I don’t need them and just in case they don’t get to me, when I get back we can go to the The Everett clinic in Smokey Point for a new appointment. The exercises like the ones you do at physical therapy, and icing, and medicine. and using only my good shoes that are in excellent condition with supports built it, and yeah I can walk on it. It just hurts every time I sit, lay down, and walk. no biggie!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND ME MY ORTHODICS – BUT IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE THEM ALL NICE AND NEAT WHEN I GET BACK!!

When I go back to BYUI, yeah I could either take the Portuguese course or take three tests in Portuguese. but it would be out of BYU Provo, so I would have to pay for it out of pocket. before I left the Portuguese tests were about 400 dollars. It would definitely bring up my GPA though!

I have 15 minutes left.

My new companion is Elder Guzman - Nathaniel Jose Guzman. from Argentina.

I don’t like 4th of July here. it sucks actually, one of my favorite holidays!. I am the only American in the house and when no one celebrates an amazing holiday of the US, it just doesn’t work out very well.

Today for p-day I am going to bake, banana bread, cinnamon rolls. and a snicker doodle cake.

But next email is bye bye, until next Monday!


elder adam jensen

love you