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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 11:38:43 -0300
Subject: Re: Good Morning or afternoon?

Hello Everyone, 

So this past week...

I went back to Vera’s house thinking I could maybe, just maybe get her baptized...yeah that was a mistake!! I found her passed out drunk on her bedroom floor. I was very displeased!

We have a new goal to try and mark everyone’s baptisms. Actually 5 per day. It went very well and very bad. Got rejected only a few times, but when someone talks like they have had a lot of schooling or educated, they just want to say yes. We ended up having 6 more people marked for this month, but none of them went to church. It’s kind of a normal thing I am noticing here in the northeast of Brasil. Really annoying! 

 The good thing though is that on Sunday, two people that I did not expect to be at church went. Two girls that our sisters to the brother that we have been teaching. My companion went to their house yesterday and talked about baptism with all of them including the parents. The mother seems interested in talking with us about this. I think that she is wanting her children to be baptized. I hope.......:)

My knee has not gotten any better. I went back to the MRI place and they said that our Church health plan has not yet authorized the MRI. I am still in a waiting period. It’s ridiculous!!! But for now I am just trying to deal with it. I hope I can get it fixed soon though. But yesterday it was hurting a lot. I couldn’t bend it that much or it would just kill me. But at least everyone knows what’s going on and they want to help. I haven’t used our Regence Insurance at all. And they would have to get authorization from Regence as well. Just because it’s a health plan. Almost no one has them here because everyone is poor, so I have to wait until it’s authorized - and you don’t need to email the mission home Mom!! It’s the health plan. They can’t do anything about it.

I liked the photos you attached from the 4th except where Emily is not kissing me! LOL! Well, she is

giving my brother Nic a peck on the cheek!

We have about 25 more minutes if we’re fast at responding: D

Oh and I found some really sweet shoes the other day. They are 45 dollars and I have around 10 reals left! Hmmm….

So, ok for Christmas gifts I will get you some flip flops. They are cheap here because I am near a factory full of them! Oh and I got the packages that were sent to the Bishops house in Ipes. The two small ones that had ranch and peanut butter in them. Also a card from Sean. And your card with that two pieces to the heart and you and dad in a picture no sandal still but that’s ok!

I am emotionally fine. I miss a lot of things still but I am good. And if my knee needs surgery I would have to return home to do it. It also depends on how long I would be at home if I should return to the Misison or not. Like if I had to return for 3 months, then the time wouldn’t count as being in the field. If it was for just a month then it would count as time in the field. If I had to stay for three months at home, then I would probably just stay at home, but I have to go now. I love you and thank- you for everything!!!


elder adam jensen

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