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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My knee is hurting!

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 10:30:03 -0300

Hello Everyone


So this past week...

We worked soo hard trying to get so many people to church and accept baptism!!! But what were the results!!!!! NO-ONE except for one person we invited and marked for baptism went to church, and then on top of that our baptism ran away on Sunday. She stopped drinking and smoking, but when Sunday hit, she was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere and nothing! We looked again at about 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. but still NOTHING! We have no idea what happened to her.

That was the whole week. running back and forth trying so hard for people to progress and those were the result! RIDICULOUS!

The new Mission President is already here. It is his Mission now, but for what comes next, we have no idea - new rules, new meetings, nothing new yet!

I have got no mail yet. maybe next week I will have more.

I went to the doctors today. Yes, he is an orthopedist. Sister Hall told me to visit the doctor. But again, another ridiculous situation! The doctor looked at my knee and sent me to another place to take an MRI, but the MRI place said that they have to verify my insurance to even take the MRI, so I think Wednesday or Thursday I will finally know what is wrong. Stupid doctors and Brasil. So they are waiting from the LDS insurance. Regence will cover it, but we never use our own insurance here. It wouldn’t work if nothing is wrong, I will be so angry! I just want to know what’s wrong and how I can fix it. If he says nothing and that I have to deal with it, it is just frustrating! I will suggest going back home to ask a real doctor and what he thinks? Doctor’s here are not very good. I feel like I am in England and their health insurance. horrible! URGH socialism! Ha-ha I am just kidding Mom! And yes, I have been doing everything for my knee. icing every day. medicine. good shoes. and the designated exercises that the LDS doctor sent me via email. So next week I will have the results for you guys. The doctor said nothing. just sent me to another place. and after that place I have to return to him to get his opinion. ridiculous but I think it could be worth it. but I went to the doctors today already. I just have to wait for the insurance to approve the MRI and then I will know what is wrong. the LDS doctor is soooo certain that its overuse syndrome in the knee, but we will see. I want to prove him wrong actually!. I have no idea, but the doctor in São Paulo said that usually runners or hikers get this. he said he has seen it in a lot of missionaries already. I think it’s just an excuse because no other doctor has seen anything in a lot of MRI´s. What was it about the orthotics! I am wearing great shoes, with insoles. O stop worrying. everything at this point is at an ok. Oh but really don’t worry about the orthotics’, I don’t need them and just in case they don’t get to me, when I get back we can go to the The Everett clinic in Smokey Point for a new appointment. The exercises like the ones you do at physical therapy, and icing, and medicine. and using only my good shoes that are in excellent condition with supports built it, and yeah I can walk on it. It just hurts every time I sit, lay down, and walk. no biggie!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND ME MY ORTHODICS – BUT IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE THEM ALL NICE AND NEAT WHEN I GET BACK!!

When I go back to BYUI, yeah I could either take the Portuguese course or take three tests in Portuguese. but it would be out of BYU Provo, so I would have to pay for it out of pocket. before I left the Portuguese tests were about 400 dollars. It would definitely bring up my GPA though!

I have 15 minutes left.

My new companion is Elder Guzman - Nathaniel Jose Guzman. from Argentina.

I don’t like 4th of July here. it sucks actually, one of my favorite holidays!. I am the only American in the house and when no one celebrates an amazing holiday of the US, it just doesn’t work out very well.

Today for p-day I am going to bake, banana bread, cinnamon rolls. and a snicker doodle cake.

But next email is bye bye, until next Monday!


elder adam jensen

love you


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