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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It will get better!


Hello Everyone

So this past week...

I am trying to have a better attitude, but wow this past week was possibly the worst week I have ever had on the mission. I have listened to so many people say they will never come back to church because of specific leaders and some people can’t be baptized because of things in the past.

I would say some of the things I heard or witnessed, but it would not be appropriate to put on the blog, actually it would be better to be forgotten, but it’s hard to get passed something’s, that affect your work and your success.

I was not the happiest camper listening to these things. I know that leaving the church because of one or two leaders is not a good enough reason to leave the only true church on the earth, and what is really more important  your salvation in a church that actually has the authority of god, or worrying about other people? Ridiculous!! But all in all, Sunday was alright in the end.

We had three investigators that want to be baptized next week, so we will see what happens. I am praying, working and hoping for the best.  Oh and my district, or well one companionship in my district baptized two people this week.  One was a man that doesn’t like me too much and a women who got married on Friday and right after, she got baptized as well. The man that they baptized doesn’t like me that much because he started to like one of the sisters, and every time he is near her, I purposely flirt with her to make him jealous. Maybe because this sister likes me and not him.  - Hahaha sucks to be him, but really he is a pretty cool guy and I am very happy for him that he wants to change his life and be a better person.  I think he will be one of the strong ones!

I am nice to both of the girls that seem to like me, actually I am very nice but I just like one of them more than the other hey but do you want to see the sister that likes me but the one I don’t like. this one that likes me wants to live in the US already. when she gets back she wants to be home for only a month then head on out to the US for a year. no but she is trying to flirt with me every time I talk with her on the phone

I am not worrying about my mission. I know I will have success and I know that things will get better, including my knee. It’s just that lately a lot of sad things have happened.

I thought about things lately that I would like from home, but I don’t remember now. You can send me anything you would like. Actually would you like my Christmas list???
If I send it to you then I wouldn’t want you to send me these things. Just keep them in the house till I get home in January.

1. BOD cologne. the green spray bottle, it’s cheap and I like the smell.

2. That nice black jacket from Kohls if you remember.  If not then it’s all good.

3. Shotgun shells, or a belt from Cabellas that is also a shotgun shell holder and a gun holder. I can send you a picture of it.

4. Or... just some money to buy new clothes. that would be nice. just some money set aside and you and I could go out shopping to by myself new clothes.

5. Oh and a cell phone - preferably the iPhone 5s or the android thunderbolt.

That’s all though, if it’s too much then I can make my list again at a more affordable Christmas.

My companion is still gung ho. I think he gets tired of the fact that I can’t work though. He knows he can’t do anything about it, but I think he secretly judges me.

Oh and the MRI was authorized. I am going there in about 45 minutes. I will leave and then be able to get back on email. My knee, it’s like off and on pain, well like a constant pain, but some days are worse than others - kind of sucks. But I have to go now. I think I will get back on to tell you the results and talk a little more because right now I have to catch a bus to go do the test. I think I will get back on about 2 p.m. here, so four hour difference. love you and I hope you are able to be on at that time.

love you,


I am back lol. I basically got the MRI and that’s it.

The one young girl - no she not American she is Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. Very good looking and already speaks English, and at times it seems that she likes me but it could just be her flirty personality. I will try to get a picture of her sent to you. In my district, there are no Americans.  Oh BTW at times, I try to say that I am American and people don’t believe me -Ridiculous.

But this week was about two investigators and 6 different members.
The six members, every single one of them said they will never come back because of the same exact leaders. Some of them have written to Salt Lake or São Paulo to try and fix the situation but nothing changed and they said they wouldn’t come back until they are released. These members used to be the most faithful - VERY active and always showed charity and kindness.

Well I love you and I will talk to you soon, I love you a lot and I will talk with you next week on Wednesday as it is transfer week!


elder adam jensen

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