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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thank you for your Prayers

July 31st, 2013

Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

Sorry for the later email but because we have to email as a group and the other companionship didn’t get back until a little later, we waited.

This past week wasn’t too bad. I went back to the doctor, all he said is that it looked like I hurt it and that I need to take this medicine and do physical therapy. I am taking the medications but I am skipping out on the physical therapy. The only thing they do here for the therapy is the little machine thing to contract your muscles, and besides the doctor from São Paulo (LDS) has already said which exercises I should do to keep it working again. For now my knee is doing much better and I am having not much of any problems with it. Thank you all for the prayers. I am done with the knee doctor, he was a lazy doctor anyway! I can’t remember what the medicine is called, but not the one that Dad takes. I think though that It’s basically like a stronger ibuprofen.   I really think that I did hurt my knee playing soccer.

The only bad thing at the moment is that Sunday night I got hot with a stomach infection! Yay me! I am going to the hospital tonight because I can’t handle it anymore. Sister Nogueira said that I should. Like my stomach is a little swollen, tender, and if I eat or sit in a weird position or stretch my stomach area.....wow the pain loves to come! I don’t know why at this moment I am having problems with my health, but it’s all good. I know I will be alright. Got a keep on keeping on and for now just the pain. But, yeah the pain is almost about the same as when I had my appendix out, and, yes I got a blessing, but I don’t remember what they said in the blessing. You’re right, that’s a good about my appendix, being gone already, but it would be easier just to say it was my appendix and I probably won’t be able to email after the hospital. Sorry, you’re just gonna have to wait until next week on Monday. But, that’s why I am going to the doctors, but I don’t have diarrhea. which is a sign? Or constipated, It’s like I am still able to poop, not as much as a should, but it’s still working fine. It’s just a really bad pain in the same exact spot on my stomach. Maybe they’ll need to give me the BOMB!

On Saturday everything went to crap! People didn’t want to go to church or be baptized and I was like what the heck?? But out of nowhere, a little girl that is nine years old just said, "I want to be baptized this Sunday." I was so excited and I said well of course you can be baptized. She went to church and of course got in the water, her name is Brenda. Oh and I forced Elder Guzman to baptize her. It was his first baptism and he did it hating the fact that he had to wear the jump suit and not his white pants. I loved it by the way and it was a good way to laugh at him, but he was pretty excited to baptize her!

There were six investigators at church! 3 of the people I was very surprised to see them there. It’s a good thing I have such an eager companion! When I was talking to the investigators that were already at the church, he went with another member to go looking for more. I was very happy he did so. I don’t know if any of these people will be baptized this week, but like always, I am going to try!!

I have been getting up, or well just yesterday and today at 4:30 in the morning. It’s not that much fun when you go to bed at about 11:30 at night. Elder Guzman has only been with me for 6 weeks. or well this week is the 7th week, so no transfers yet!

Oh and I only have 4 minutes left, and yes I was able to open the pictures up and yes I liked the little boat, especially because there was a motor behind it - way better then rowing!!!

Oh, no Adidas sandal yet but Mom I got the letter, the one you sent on the 18th of July, It was the fastest letter yet!!!!

Hey I love you guys a lot and I will talk to you Monday :D


Well that’s all :D


elder adam jensen



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