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Monday, August 5, 2013

A great Week!

Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 11:34:09 -0300


Hello Everyone,


So this past week...


We baptized! Again!  Both me and Elder Guzman both decided that all other things really don’t matter. Other goals that the mission has put or what others think. We are here to save souls and the only way to do that is through baptisms! We are just lining people up now, and nothing else is really important. Anyways, his name is Luan and he was so excited to be baptized. One of my most anxious!  He was so excited to be baptized and I knew that it would never have failed. A member baptized him but the baptismal meeting was amazing!!  We all gave our testimonies, taught his friend that came, and she got super excited as well, and then we all sang "Come, Thou Fount" for him and the other members.

Oh and Luan and Brenda were both baptized on Sunday. Luan was confirmed during sacrament, but Brenda was so embarrassed to go in front, so she said no and literally wouldn’t move from her seat. Kind of hilarious and frustrating, but it was alright because after the baptism of her friend, Vanessa, she decided to be confirmed with her. Well that makes that with the baptisms; none of my investigators ran way before the confirmation! Sunday was a good day, and so far the work is getting a lot better and a lot more people are coming to us and wanting to listen to our message.

And last Friday, I was kind of frustrated because all of our commitments fell through and didn’t happen, so we started to look for people on the street, and literally nobody was on the street - I looked at Elder Guzman, said a pray and told him that I won’t walk anymore and that I will wait for the sheep to come to us. We waited about 10 minutes, and a young man showed up, 18 years of age, and asked for the book of Mormon and that he is looking for the truth and which church teaches that truth and nothing else. I was very excited to talk with him, and right then and there I was reminded that our Lord never abandons us, and that we can always depend on Him.

As for going to the Dr. last Wednesday, the problem with my stomach is gastrite in Portuguese. So it’s just a gastric problem or a gastric ulcer. She just gave me medicine and I am doing much better. My knee is not really hurting anymore. Just here and there when I don’t take my meds or when I overwork it. But all in all I am doing just fine now. I hope nothing else goes wrong!

I thought about the Christmas list actually. I think it would just be best to get one of the phones and nothing else. I will work and with the money I make I can buy new clothes. Mainly I will just need to buy two pairs of pants. I remember that none of my jeans will fit afterwards, or they will be loose. But please Mom, don’t buy jeans for me before I get back. I know it’s kind of mean but it’s just we have different tastes in jeans: D

Testimony meeting here is a little bit more humble. It literally is just a testimony and nothing more. Sometimes it’s boring that way but also a lot better, Campina Grande is a city and has 400,000 people, and my address is Rua Campo Sales 790, Campina Grande, Paraíba, if you want to look at Google earth. You will still have to write to the mission home though and not this address.

Today for p-day, my plans are nothing. I will go home and make lunch, and then probably nothing just because there really isn’t much to do unless you play soccer or have money.  I am wearing my cargo shorts and my dr.pepper shirt. I don’t really like wearing missionary clothes to email. Nope, I don’t think I need any money, I am just saying that I won’t do anything because I don’t want to spend money doing it!

Elder Guzman and I are doing much better. We have a good relationship now and we both have the same vision or thought process about the work. It’s all working out now. I am still not like him, but what we want to do now on our missions is the same, like the goals.

This past week, I got two letters, one from Mom and the other from Howard.

I think in November I will have the itinerary, for my travel plans to come home!!

Ok well I love you and I have to go now. Have a great week and I will talk to you next Monday! :D





elder adam jensen

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