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Monday, August 12, 2013

A new approach to missionary work!

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 10:48:41 -0300

Subject: Re: Good morning!

Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

We worked in a way that worked out to be perfect! We basically stopped caring about everything except the salvation of souls. Did you know that the only way you have a shot at salvation is through baptism and nothing else? Baptism is the first thing, so I truly have wasted a lot of time on the mission. I am only working to baptize, not to better people’s lives, not to bring people back to church, and definitely not to listen to your crap, just baptize. People can complain and be angry about it, but it’s my job and my duty and nothing else. We didn’t baptize on Sunday, but I have the best news about this up-coming Sunday! I will baptize 10-11 people and these people are very firm to be baptized. NOTHING will happen to make these people not be baptized. It is so clear and simple now. Just baptize and that’s what I did! I worked just to find those to be baptized and Elder Guzman and I did that. I don’t even care if they have been to church before. You have to be baptized; this is the first of all things, so why worry about the rest?

If someone falls away from the church after baptism, or after a couple years - whatever, it’s not my fault and not my duty. Members have responsibilities and I have mine, so people have to deal with it.  I think the missionaries back home should start to do this as well. I think they would have a lot more baptisms back home and help the ward become so much bigger. You just have no idea of my happiness and joy I have for next week, it’s like for once in my mission I am happy, calm, and not worrying about anything.  I am just going with the flow and letting everything come to me. I get up and leave and start working, but I am literally letting people come to me. I will never ever again do contacts or door-knocking or tracting, I will just stop, say a prayer - and wait.  It’s working out perfectly for now. I am enjoying my mission and my companionship with Elder Guzman!

Oh and yesterday, Elder Guzman went with a member to get our investigators, and on the way he found two little girls who wanted to go to church and want to be baptized, so they will be baptized next Sunday. Oh man I love this now, just people coming to the path!  I just realized that every single part of our scriptures and preach my gospel says that our job is to save souls. How can you save a soul from the world if that person isn’t baptized? I am helping a lot of people. I am giving everything to them, right in front of them through baptism. How can you accept Jesus Christ and his teachings, without following him in the only way we should be baptized, by authority from God!

Oh but then Sunday night was a buzz kill! I was trying to get all the numbers and help my district and one of the Sisters wasn’t understanding anything, and didn’t know how to pass her numbers for me, so I got fed up and hung up on her. I thought it was hilarious but I think she didn’t, but you know that’s ok, She is new on the mission, so she should learn that she should have things prepared before she talks to me again - Silly sisters, and I wasn’t being mean to her, she was just being a little ignorant and not wanting to listen, and it wasn’t my Portuguese, because she did the same exact thing to the Brazilian Elder, and I literally don’t have an English accent anymore. but that’s ok :D

When you are looking on Google earth, try looking for the apartment building, it is red and white it’s kind of big and it should be easy to find I think instead of the numbered building.

WOW, Sean is really doing everything right then – getting his Duty to God award!

OK - would it be possible to put 20 dollars into my account today. I would like to buy some button up shirts.  I love you and I will talk to you next week because I have to go now, but I would be very grateful for the 20 dollars :D

That’s all for now,


elder adam Jensen

Your number one son!

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