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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I will get them to Water!

August 19th, 2013


Hello Everyone


So this past week....
Well we had so many people ready to be baptized! We had actually 9 people in total for yesterday, but what decides to happen...rain, and drunk men! We get to their houses to give them a ride to church, and 3 of the women said that they wouldn’t go without their sister, so I went to the sisters’ house, and her husband was super drunk. When we first saw him, he was chasing one of the kids back into the house yelling that she is a little brat, but once he saw us, he calmed down and was like, "oh church is good. And everyone needs God." yeah that only lasted 5 minutes!!  But due to the family taking sooooo long getting ready, the rain started. Once the rain started, it’s like it triggered his aggressive side of being drunk and started yelling again and that no one could leave the house when it’s raining. He ended up kicking us out of his house, and continued yelling thank you for some reason. So basically none of the people who were supposed to be baptized were not baptized!!!!

Anyways, we get back to church and luckily, a little girl named Maria Eduardo wanted to be baptized, and her whole family was there, so what did I do, yes, I said that she was going to be baptized after sacrament. It was perfect and she was so excited!! The only down side is that nobody had towels. So the grandfather ran home on his motorcycle, grabbed the towels and it was a successful baptism! Oh but before the towels were grabbed, a member was trying to tell me that the baptism wasn’t going to happen and that she shouldn’t be baptized at that time. I yelled at her and told her she is never going to talk to my investigators again or watch the baptisms. This woman is always the one that scares everyone away from church. She thinks she has authority over everyone. So, I decided that someone had to say something. This woman even grabbed the skirt of one of my investigators and pulled it down, and forced her to take a picture with the rest of the women. First, she didn’t have any other clothes and already felt embarrassed wearing that skirt to church, and she flat out said she didn’t want to take a picture. We reassured her that her clothes were fine and that she didn’t need to take the picture, but this member...my goodness it just never stops.

Well anyways, all worked out in the end. It looks like this next week I will have more baptisms, just as long as the rain doesn’t come back: D  I  do plan on it, especially because they all live on a farm and in huge grassy fields, I will get them all in the car and just pile them all in!! (I don’t have a car, the members do :D  I’ve  have always had a phone though)  I will just go there with a car and get everyone when it’s not raining and throw them all in the water lol.

I’ve been thinking more about school, the only issue about psychology at BYU is that it’s all numbers. the math portion of psychology and nothing more. its sooo boring! I mean like I am interested in a lot of things, but it’s hard to get around things, when you think about a future job as well. Yeah I will do my best. but man lately I have been thinking a lot about what I should really study. like psychology is cool, but I suck at all the classes!

Also, I haven’t bought anything yet - maybe I will today or tomorrow actually, or I could wait and go to another city that has 3 clothing factories all right next to each other for very very cheap. My stomach is doing just fine. The stake president is giving all of us lunch today. Hey I am sorry but I have to go now, we have to go to the lunch meeting, it’s basically a meeting for the Stake President to flirt with the sisters. I hate this!!

Anyways, I love you and I will talk to you next week!!

That’s all folks


elder adam jensen


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