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Monday, August 26, 2013

The best...and the worst...!


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 10:57:26 -0300
Subject: weekly email

Hello Everyone

So this past week...

This week was awesome, rewarding, a blessing and the most absolute worst week!! Ha well it was awesome because we ended up baptizing 3 people. Luana, Cleyton, and Camila - 3 little munchkins! I love them 3. The week was rewarding, because we ended up finding some more people who truly want to progress and find God´s path. The week was a blessing because our prayers came true. We were praying so hard the we would be able to get the people to church and that it wouldn’t rain. It obviously didn’t rain and most of the people were able to go to church! So, with the families that we are teaching, we ended up having 17 people at church that we are teaching - it was crazy.

I was so happy to see them finally come to church and actually like church. They all were very happy that they decided to go. The people that we found were actually a brother of the huge family and the other is a boyfriend to one of the young women in our ward, they both want to go to church and read the Book of Mormon and soon be baptized! I was very happy with the results from this past week!!!

Now for the bad things that happened!!! It all happened on Sunday again, well do you all remember last week when I talked about a women named Neide? Yeah, she striked again this past Sunday. Firstly, she sat next to all of them during Sacrament meeting and she was trying to force them to sing, unfortunately about 75% of them can’t read. I told her again that and she was still trying to force them. Then during the baptisms, she was trying to control everything. When one of the baptisms got scared of the water, this Neide woman started yelling saying she needs to leave the water and that she should not be baptized. She then went to the baptismal door and started yelling at the baptism to leave the water and because of Neide, others started yelling and saying that she needs to be baptized and stop worrying. This Neide woman then helped her change back into her regular clothes, but once she changed her clothes, Neide literally took some of them by the arms and kicked them out of the church before Elder Guzman and I could switch back into church clothes. We couldn’t even finish the baptismal meeting. she ruined everything and because of her, this huge family is thinking about not even returning to church. We talked to the Bishop saying that she is literally no longer allowed to talk, sit or watch the baptisms of our investigators. Elder Guzman was that one who talked to Bishop. I couldn’t get around my anger to talk. He said he would talk to her again, but we will see what happens. We are supposed to have lunch with her tomorrow, but Elder Guzman and I decided we will not go, and that we are going to talk with the R.S President that Neide can no longer give the missionaries’ lunch. She has been a problem for a lot of missionaries, but she drew the last straw and Elder Guzman had to stop me from hurting her. At this point, I would rather go to prison than see her in the church - she is like the most faithful anti-Christ!! All the other people to be baptized decided to not be at home, or not be married. Stupid, but we did get to at least fulfill God’s commandments before baptism. But yeah, the 3 baptisms who are 9, 10, and 10 all of them said they will come back! Neide doesn’t take medication, but I think should lol!

The lunch with the Stake President that day was good and we all were able to catch up on things.

I think I only have 19 more Sundays. I think I will be transferred on the 11th, which will most likely be my last area which will suck but oh well! It would also be amazing to all have a nice family meal together when I get back - a good old American dish lol and one that doesn’t have cilantro in it!!!

I love trips and I would love to go to Disneyworld, and see the grandparents in Alabama in April it should be nice. I would enjoy the trip. but it could only be in April. I say this because I need at least two months to work and get some money for college. and maybe a trip back to Brasil. I was just thinking that you would want to go to Disneyworld for more than a day, but then again, you just need one day to do everything. I think the trip would be perfect - a week in the south and then one more week at home preparing for college, this would be very nice!

Ok but I have to go now. I love you a lot and I will talk with you next week,.

I wrote back to Sean.


elder adam jensen

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