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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Transfers Next Week

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 18:17:19 +0430
Subject: Re: which one do you like?

Hello Everyone,

So this past week,


Nothing happened – again!! I am trying, and I completed all of my goals or well the mission goals, but nothing. Four investigators came to church. Two of them will be baptized at the end of the month, but I would enjoy baptisms every week. Oh except the only things that did happen were that we had a conference with President Hall. It was good and I learned a little bit more. It will probably be the last time I see President Hall. He leaves at the end of the month. And I got two things of mail.


I got Nic's letter and the package from the ward. I was very very happy with the package!! Sorry Nic but the package had some very good things and I enjoyed the letters. Basically all of them said the same things and only about two lines, except for one letter, (it had a cow on it). And, yes still only one shoe LOL. No other packages, it must be nearly three months now since you mailed the packages, and don’t worry I won’t throw the one shoe away. By the way, from the Ward package, the only thing left is the seasonings!! I plan on making chili now on Friday. I made tacos last week. They were delicious!! But no I didn’t need to pay tax at all on it either~!.

With the pictures of Christ that you showed me, I enjoyed both the Christ pictures, and I liked the first one more, but I say this because it seems different than all others and it doesn’t look at all like a Catholic Church painting of Christ. So buy the first one!

Hey that’s pretty good for Dad with the grant for school. I know that the money will help. Is Nic trying at the moment to get in to Provo or BYUI or is he still thinking about it? Tell him that if he wants to live with me in Idaho I wouldn’t make him follow all the rules. I already got the set up with some friends to where we wouldn’t be watched over like babies!!

The Petrie's left in April. I still don’t know on which Mission I will be in when it splits in July. On the 19th I will know for sure. I still hope that it will be João Pessoa.

My companion is awesome. He is very calm and very patient. It works out between us both. But his leg has been hurting him, so he will start physical therapy soon. My knee is killing me as well. But that’s ok. But to be honest, I think we are both going to stay here together one more transfer.

I am fine. It’s true that I do not have any money in my personal account, but I still have money from the mission and I will get more from the mission this Friday. I should be fine for the time being: D

Hey but I have to go now. I love you so much and I will talk to you next week on Wednesday.

This is all I’ve got!!

 love you so much

 elder adam jensen

 p.s. I just got Elder Collins address today. Sorry, do remember when I asked if you could send the  pictures from Mossoro there? I love you a lot. His name is Zach Collins

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