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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Me a Trainer...?

 Hello Everyone

So this past week....

The week was totally fine and kind of slow with its normal difficulties, but Saturday comes around and everyone needed something. Members needed blessings, other missionaries needed to have interviews for their investigators, and this all had to be done from 6-9 p.m. It was a rush and for the most part, I wasn’t even in my area to do all of this. It was across town and the bus is ridiculous. Anyways, the good part about all of this is that the chapel that I went to was also having a party at the same time. I was able to see some great people and eat descent food and listen to horrible northeastern Brazil music. It’s awful, but everyone loves it here. That was my week basically. I hope more happened but nope!! 

Well other news....I got a call Monday night saying that I am going to be a trainer. I had to leave this morning at about 5 a.m. which is not a good time to wake up when you’re already exhausted from the work. But I went to João Pessoa and got my greenie and had lunch there and got the bus at about 3 p.m. but now I am finally back in my area and we will see how this goes. He seems like a good guy and wants to work. He is from Argentina and he has about 1 month on the mission. He just got out of the MTC. At least he speaks descent Portuguese. He isn’t like the others from his group that have no idea what a complete sentence is in Portuguese, but then again that’s exactly how I was when I arrived. I feel so bad for newbies now. It’s sad. So lost and so tired. And then they have to be trained by me. What a horrible situation for my newbie!

Hey my computer is all messed up, so if you have written back I probably won’t receive it. I am sorry that this week happened this way, so I will talk to you this coming Monday. I love you and I hope you can stay strong in all the good things you do! If it’s bad, then I have to wish you bad luck lol :D

And I can’t believe my future wife is holding another man.


Haha! Man it’s weird that Ammon is home and I am still here!

I love you

elder adam jensen


p.s. In answer to your questions:

 I got an email from grandpa that was a while ago. if he has sent one within the last month then no I did not receive the email.

I will be staying in the João Pessoa mission.

Oh and something’s that Ammon has told me, I would never tell you!! That is the point of having a best friend - not telling your Mothers their secrets!!

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