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I have been called to serve the Lord in the Joao Pessoa, Brazil Mission. Joao Pessoa is in the NE region of Brazil and is the capital city of the state of Paraíba, it was founded in 1585. It is also known as "the city where the sun rises first". The nearest Temple is 75 miles away in Recife. Please follow me as I embark on the Lord's work love, serve and share His Gospel. Over the next two years 2/1012 -2/2014 You can write to me at: Elder Adam Jensen Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission Rua Deputado Jose Mariz, #515 Tambauzinho 58042 - 020 Joao Pessoa - PB Brazil. or email Elder Jensen at: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Monday, October 22, 2012


Monday 15th October, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Things that happened this week...

Well through the week, we have asked 5 people to be baptized and all 5 said they would this month, so that is what we are working on right now. It’s kind of nice seeing blessings just put right in front of you. We have been working hard lately and this is what happens. Yeah we sometimes leave with this member who is 16 years old and he never had references for us, but one day we saw him with his friends and all of them except for one because he wasn’t there agreed to be baptized on the 21st. It’s sweet. I don’t know why the member didn’t have references. From what I have found out on the mission, it doesn’t matter who you think would be a good reference or not. Everyone needs salvation, so every single person you know should be a reference for the missionaries. If you had continued to be an example to those people you know then, everyone is worthy to have the opportunity to listen to the missionaries. But the people that are meant to be baptized this upcoming Sunday are 3 teenagers and one woman. The boys are around 15 and the woman is 21. For the 28th however, we have another man to be baptized. His name is Saul and he is an elect person to be honest. He has been trying to find the right church and has already visited a lot of other churches and still has been confused because he thinks that all the other churches are not right. It’s crazy how elect he was, he just showed up one day to a house where we were teaching a family because he is the boyfriend of the daughter of that family. He is pretty cool!! 

This past week also....nothing other than that happened. Oh wait, we had interviews again from The President and when he came I received another package! I got all the Halloween candy. it’s almost all gone. My roommates sure do love chocolate too!! They are cool guys though. I chose to share. but thank you for the packages. I am truly blessed and a little spoiled lol.

Thank you for the story Dad, and to be honest I am happy I am on a mission. I know that with regards to wanting to be here or not has been like a roller coaster, but in the end when I truly think about everything I have done so far, I am happy. I know I haven't done as much as I should have or have done as much as I need to do on my mission, but I am happy and I am glad that I chose to serve. I remember once in elders quorum that I said I am sometimes jealous when people who are old go and get baptized because they don't have to endure to the end for that long, but I finally realized that through my life because I was baptized at 8 years old, that I truly have the privilege and opportunity to live within the gospel. The gospel is not something that holds someone back, or ties someone down. the gospel gives hope, love, happiness, and freedom. Knowing that in this short amount of time on this earth is meant to prepare us for an eternity is a sure way that we all can know that God truly does love us and we should all know what opportunities can come from the gospel. I truly do testify, not as a servant of the lord, but as a member of the only true church on this earth, that no matter where you or what your calling may be or whatever; serving other and helping them even yourself stay within the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we can have everlasting happiness in the next life is one of the greatest privileges and opportunities anyone can have. 

with love,

elder adam jensen

p.s. I have absolutely no money. the allowance form the mission is late so no one has it. I haven’t been reimbursed for bills I have paid either. kind of sucks at the moment. I am using someone else’s little money to pay for internet.


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