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Monday, October 14, 2013

Baptisms, baptisms and the elect..

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 10:42:25 -0300
Subject: Re: Good day mate!

Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

We worked very hard to get people to go to church and be prepared to be baptized on the 20th of this month. So far, ten people went to church!!!! Ah it was a miracle and amazing. I love blessings! And 5 of the ten are preparing to be baptized on the 20th! The other five want to wait for now, but we will see. The Lord asks us to get up and work and preach top his people. Doing this every day without exception, the blessings just come and the happiness is always there. I wasn’t expecting 10 people, because every single person that we passed by before church said that they couldn’t or that they weren’t ready and that they would come later. Usually when someone says they will come later they don’t. So I was a happy camper on Sunday. Actually every Sunday here in Itapororoca is good. You either have a lot of people at church or you have a lot of people being baptized!  Oh but no one was baptized this past week. Kind of sucks, but we will be blessed for the 20th. :D

We also started mutual here for the youth as well. It was a success and it was also hilarious. We have some videos for you all when I get back. Nobody knew what mutual was before we did as well. I don’t think any branches here have mutual still. But Itapororoca started! That’s what’s up!!!
School is just a blur so I stopped thinking as much as I used to. we can talk about school a lot more when I get back and these next 3 months lol . Which I like to do. but yeah a lot more thinking and praying.

But hey I’ve ran out of time already. I am sorry and next week will be on Wednesday, not on Monday- the 23rd is transfers!!!!!
But yeah I am doing great, the only thing I want right now is my flight plan, they asked me last week which ariport I wanted, so maybe later on today I should have it or next week.

I am so excited!!!!!

I love you a lot and have a great week.

elder adam jensen



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