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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I've been transferred...but only two transfers left!!

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Hello Everyone


So this past week....

Well we baptized 5 more people. Williams, Willanny, Fatima, Joana, and Severina. It was awesome, except I think one of them felt forced, which made me feel bad. I never want anyone to feel that way. But anyways, it was in all a good week. I am happy and with Elder Loveland within 6 weeks, we baptized 16 people!!!! I will show all the pictures one day soon. I baptized 4 out of the 5. Severina chose Elder Loveland to baptize her instead of me, but that doesn’t matter. I was happy to see her follow the path of God.

Yesterday was my last night in Itapororoca, we had all the youth over at the bottom of our house so that we could talk and how they need help, but the best part was that it was all with pizza! Pepperoni, 4 cheese, and chicken pizzas. All were delicious and I think in the end I ate 4-5 slices. Yeah I can still eat a lot. I need to work on that. Trying to eat less and less.

I was transferred to Rio Tinto. A city within the same zone. Elder Loveland and I were transferred to here, but with new companions. Which is pretty cool. This city is small and most of my area is farm lands. Which I am actually happy about. But my companion now is Elder W. Santos, he is from Maceio and about my height. He also served in the military for a little bit. He’s hilarious and knows how to rap very well. We already get along very well, but I did get to know him when I got here, he is pretty cool! He was always in Rio Tinto when I was in Itapororoca, so I saw him every week on Tuesdays. But now I am companions with him. Actually everyone in the house now, I have been companions with them all.

Elder Loveland is now companions with Elder Simpson, who was my old companion from João Pessoa – this should be fun and a lot to do! We are in the same zone, but a different city. Rio Tinto seems smaller than Itapororoca, but blessed like always.

I am down to the last two transfers now, and I am feeling it. I am so tired. being so diligent in the work gets tiring after a while. I have never stopped working and I won’t stop now. I truly understand how important it is to keep going and not giving up.

I am getting so much more tired though. I don’t want to sleep, but I feel like I just have to lay down. I love the mission and I truly have a testimony about keep pushing on and fulfilling your purpose. I have never stopped and I will never stop. gotta keep going always. I am still the oldest in the zone and yeah I am still District Leader.

Oh and the missionaries that went to Itapororoca was Elder Guzman my old trainee!! He is now training someone there, it’s awesome!!!

I did not get any travel plans this week, but I am assuming I get back on the 17th still. I sure hope so, if not the 17th then it will be sooner!!

I liked Gavin’s pictures!

I have to go now and I love you a lot. We will talk on Monday about the same time I think.



elder adam jensen

…and in answering your question, God obviously received his power from his God. Because the plan of salvation is never ending. Just like how if we are faithful to the end, we will become a God of other people.

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