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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Baptims and a new blessed area!

Subject: Good morning!
Hello Everyone,
So this past week....
We baptized!! His name is Alex. He is 10 years old and really cool. He already acts like a 15 year old brat, but with a body of a ten year old. He is really funny. He was like jumping up and down and smiling like crazy after the baptism!!
I gave a talk on Sunday about service. It was a ten minute talk and I only gave one scripture and continually talking about the scripture the whole time. I think people liked it. Well the ones that heard it. Also in the microphone, I asked the members to give me a birthday party on the 17th.  3 members came up to me asking what kind of cake I like - Hilarious!!!!
My area is mainly forest area and a lot of walking. But I am enjoying it a lot. My companion is hilarious and we get along very well. We never have silent moments and his personality is just a little more stern than mine. But that is because of the military. Either way it’s going great with him. Next week we should have 3 baptisms, and the week after, maybe 3 more. These last two areas are fairly easy, but then again it’s the outskirts like the country. Further out you are the easier it gets. Kind of weird that way, because people have to travel a good distance to even get to church. They love it though. The members here are very good, everyone already has a calling and actually does their calling and the missionaries are not forced to teach anything, except for talks because no one ever wants to. The farmers here are so much better than Campina Grande because they don’t stay drunk 24/7.
Anyway, my companion and I are great. We get along very well, and we are working very hard to get more baptisms, and people at church. I am liking the new area and the new things I am learning. This morning we played soccer with all of the young men and all of the fallen away young men. It went very well and I lost every time except for once.
Thank you so much for the money that I was needing. I took it all out and I am using it very wisely. I still have most of it and plenty of food until the allowance and enough for all the travels I have to do. It’s all better now because I am in an area that I don’t need more money to travel.  Beforehand, I just used a lot of money in Itapororoca to travel and I just got here with nothing - but really it’s all good now.
I said last week that we are going to be getting on later here in this city. Or maybe I said it only to dad. I don’t remember, but about this hour we will get on because there are a lot of students that get on in the morning and this hour is when no one is in the LAN house.
I bought some things and made some things like cinnamon rolls, and we had to pay a lot of money for traveling. Our President doesn’t like giving us extra money for travels.
My time is up. I love you a lot and I will talk to you next week, maybe I will force my companion to stay a little more so that we can talk for a little longer next time.
elder adam jensen

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