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I have been called to serve the Lord in the Joao Pessoa, Brazil Mission. Joao Pessoa is in the NE region of Brazil and is the capital city of the state of Paraíba, it was founded in 1585. It is also known as "the city where the sun rises first". The nearest Temple is 75 miles away in Recife. Please follow me as I embark on the Lord's work love, serve and share His Gospel. Over the next two years 2/1012 -2/2014 You can write to me at: Elder Adam Jensen Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission Rua Deputado Jose Mariz, #515 Tambauzinho 58042 - 020 Joao Pessoa - PB Brazil. or email Elder Jensen at: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Learning to teach 5 year old's...

Things are going very good, and I'm happy that I am learning what I am learning. The way you spelled João Pessoa Jwamm) is how you pronouce it,  just not so much emphasis on the mmmmmmm's at the end. Oh and don't worry about sending me the pillow cases, in my next email letter thing it explains the package and if I need anything, so dont worry. The food here is good, but I just don't eat as much as I can. I chose to cut back, especially on guarana (loaded with caffeine!)
Well some other new things is that this whole time our teachers have been saying that simplifying is best with lessons, but they finally just went over yesterday that we should simplify. It's so we can be teaching five year olds.(like I mean we all have been doing that, but they probably should of said that on the first week -  silly teachers)
Hmmm, some other things is that I need to get out of the CTM. I feel very bad for the 9 or 12 week people (with Elder Willard).  6 weeks is doing all right though,  the days are blending together. I don't pay attention to the date anymore, just what day of the week it is and I only do that because we have a schedule, that is kind of a silly schedule because we all need to learn grammer more and conjugations, but they don't do it enough ha. oh well, all is well. 
So, I was reading the other day, and I just kept reading about agency and how it is an amazing gift from God, which it is, but from all those scriptures, I dont know why they try to teach us so many different things that pertains to our purpose,  like I mean I understand what the purpose is and it's great, but when you read the Book of Mormon, the most things that I get is to humble yourselves and repent. The choices we make is what dipicts our salvation,  with the right choices in mind, and to act accordingly to what you know to be right, and right in the Lords eyes, then EVERYTHING will all work out, and it will all be the best decisions you will have ever made in life. So I guess what I am saying is that when I read about agency, we all need to just understand what an amazing gift that is, and use it to our advantage, if it means we can be in Gods presence once more.
Some other new things,  I'm very happy with everything back home, and I'm sorry, but I don't really worry about home lol. I like hearing about it, but once I leave the computer I never really think about it at all until the next time I'm on the computer - sorry lol!! 
Well I am excited that soon I get to leave. I leave in exactly two weeks today. I don't know what time I will leave, but I think I email you that Monday before I leave. Most likely you will have a picture of me in João Pessoa! 
I hope to hear from multiple people, and if you could make my physical address known.
Well I love you all and I know the Lord is looking over everyone back home,  it so nice to know how loving he is, it is amazing!!!
elder adam "your favorite and best son" jensen

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