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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What an Amazing General Conference!

One more week but I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing if the CTM will not be feeding me next week, but I will just have to see what I will be eating in the field. Hopefully food to where I can lose weight, because no matter how much I have lost since I got here, I am still fat lol.  

I have gotten a lot of letters from you guys, and some emails from other people. Hmm I think I have gotten something like 8 letters. I don’t know the real number, but I think that is close. I hope that others will write and keep in touch. On other things, I miss Dillon and even Chester. I like our dogs a lot, and they are very fun lol. Hmm and I don’t think I will miss the trailer too much once you have sold it, but on a positive note, you will have a bigger driveway ha-ha!  

General Conference was amazing!!  I watched all of the talks. This was the first time that I sat through all of them at once. I finally understand how much more it is worth it if you watch all of them in a row, instead of here and there. The Priesthood session was recorded, and we watched it the next morning at 8:30am. So on all of the talks I truly got out of General Conference, was on our own family, and what we should do, and how much we are blessed as a family.  I understood how important my mission is, and what else I need to do as I am out here. Lastly I understood from General Conference is what I need to do with my own children, to be the best father I can be. My favorite part, only because it was very happy and sad at the same time, was I think, Cristoffersons talk and hearing how that child sang “I am a child of God” underneath all of that rubble. I know that every blessing is heard, and every prayer is heard and answered. Having faith in the gospel is the best thing for anyone to have I know that through faith, anything is possible. Our families are a blessing. I know that I need to show every single person how important a family is.  I did see Howard twice in the conference and David Archuleta. He is going to North Chile, where no one will know who he is lol. Someone from my district came here last week and he said that the week before that was when David Archuleta went to the Provo MTC. Oh well, not a big deal. He is just another Missionary doing an amazing work!! 

I don’t know what the CTM is doing for Easter Sunday or the weekend. Except I’m jealous that Provo gets to have 3 General Authorities speak!! Except this Sunday, my district and another district that is leaving are singing the EFY medley for the fireside. It will be a good finish to the fireside. I love that song. When I truly first sang it, it was at a youth conference, when I entered into the testimony meeting, it was so hard not to cry, the Spirit was so strong and everyone could feel it, even Ammon was crying lol. Then at the end we sang the EFY medley, everyone could just tell that the Lord was with us that day. I can still look back on that day, and see that it was the most spiritual moment of my life. 

I am very happy where I am and each day is different, but no matter how bad the day can get, I am still learning something that will make my life so much better.  I’ve even started to dream in Portuguese! I have noticed that I have been blessed with a gift, especially the gift of being able to speak with perfect pronunciation. I may not have the biggest vocabulary in my district, but they all ask me how to say certain words and this makes me so happy. I have realized that the things that I have been through have got me to where I am today, for preparedness before and after the Mission. No matter what things I have done, wrong choices, job, school, all of those things have prepared me for now. I have had so many blessings in my life and those blessings were and are my map or my compass. I will always remember why I received those blessings. 

I love you and I hope that everyone is doing well. Miss you guys, and be safe back home.

Love, elder adam Jensen

p.s. I think I am 4 or 5 hours ahead

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