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Friday, June 29, 2012

Transfers - I am still here in Sousa!

27 June 2012

 Hey I am here!

Ok so what happened this past week....?

First, we went to a boy’s house named Tiago that we had already baptized because he hasn’t been coming to church and we wanted to know why. When we arrived he was being very nice to his drunken mother and washing her feet like a foot bath. When we first got there the mother starting talking to us about if she dies then her son will be here all alone and things like that as if she is going to die soon. She is talking like this because it is obvious she does drugs, but both of them started to cry while we were over there. Then we had to calm them down and keep saying stay strong in all the things they do with the gospel in their lives. After calming them down we gave them both blessings, actually my companion said all the words because I can’t yet.

Anyway, when we left I was both happy and mad at the same time. I was happy because we were able to give blessings and God is always there to speak with us through blessings, but I was very mad because if the Mom wasn’t selfish she wouldn’t take drugs and try to be healthy. If she did that then she wouldn’t say things like she is going to leave her son in this world and things like that. All she has to do is focus on her son’s life, the Gospel and maybe things would be better for her....ahhhh!!!!

Oh and Maria went to church, she had an amazing time and I was so excited that she came. She said that church was different, but she felt the spirit and she was so happy she went. She said that she is going to go again and that she wants to feed us this Friday. What blessings from this woman!! She is still going to wait until her daughter arrives in Sousa to be baptized. We told her that the next time we come over we want to teach her husband because everyone needs salvation. Anyway, that’s about the week for me that have to do with Missionary work. We did also meet some other people that were not strong at all, but they were willing to hear our message and ask some questions, but made it clear by the end that they don’t believe in revelation. Kind of sad but that is the biggest problem with missionary work it is the belief of Joseph Smith and revelation.

So this past month the sisters here had 6 baptisms. I was very jealous of them; especially because they have an amazing area and they have a couple out in their area that literally know everybody and they give amazing references! It’s all good though. I am happy for them. Oh and transfers were this week....Elder Dacio left from Sousa and same with a Sister whose name is Sister Sousa. It’s kind of ironic she served in Sousa. Anyway, they left and Sister Chagas became a trainer for Sousa and she will have her new companion next week because her companion right now is in the hospital in São Paulo recovering from being sick. It’s kind of strange, but all will be well!!

Hmmm, we also received a new guy in our apartment but I don’t know what his name is yet, well actually I don’t know how to spell it.

The mail though, I will receive next week in the beginning of the week but I don’t know which day yet. It’s all good over here though...Oh and I don’t need any bedding lol.

I really am doing really well!

I love you a lot

elder adam jensen

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing well, and I like your honesty on the blog! Your mom misses and loves you and is SOOO proud of you! Can't wait to hear more. Have an excellent week. Don't forget to look for opportunities for personal growth as well.