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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back on track...

2nd July, 2012

Hi Everyone

So the great things that happened this past week....or since last Wednesday as we were later emailing due to transfers.

The new Elder is Elder Cassorotti (which is pronounced kassa roachy) and he is a very good elder. I am very happy that he is in our apartment here in Sousa. I say this because for the past...don’t know 3 weeks everyone in the house was starting to become very lazy, like not getting up on time and not leaving on time. I am to blame as well. But when Elder Cassorotti came he basically put us all back on track. Anyway, everything now is being done the correct way. Getting up on time, leaving on time, just everything is really perfect! I am happy everything is being done the right way, because in just a half a week I have really noticed how much better the work is and how much better you can feel the spirit. At the same time I can see that we end up having a lot more fun.  Also, my Portuguese improved, pretty crazy I know!!

Also this week, we met some new investigators and one of them came to church. Her name is also Maria. When we first met her she was yelling at her husband because of three reasons....the first was because he was smoking and he wants to quit, secondly he was drunk and the third was because he locked them both out of the house!! It was actually hilarious listening to them argue, but we invited her to come to church during the argument and she accepted! She then actually came! It was fast Sunday and she said she really enjoyed it. I think this week we will definitely ask her to be baptized!!

So, in the morning of Sunday, (Norisah – this is weird, don’t we say Sunday morning in English???) we went to Maria’s house, (the one that does not have a drunk husband) we were going to her house to bring her to church, but when we showed up we also talked to her about how she was going to be baptized yesterday, but when we mentioned it again she said she never heard us say this and she refused to be baptized. So we said ok we will do it next week. After we said next week she said ok, but then we said ok let’s go to church and then she got all weird and said she didn’t want to go to church in the morning. So we ended up having to talk to her about the importance of church but during this time Elder Petrie (senior couple elder) is waiting outside with his car to bring us all to church, she didn’t go in the morning, but she promised she would go in the evening...at 4 p.m. So we left and when we went to the next meeting at 4 p.m. Maria was there as she promised, but she was still saying no to baptism until a member came up to her and asked her why she didn’t want to be baptized and she didn’t have an answer to give to him, so she told us that she will be baptized! After she said that we all got ecstatic and rushed to get the baptismal font ready so she can be baptized right after sacrament, and we still had to do the interview. Well she passed the interview and she was finally baptized yesterday at 7:30 pm!!! It was all worth it and I know the Lord was helping her with this decision!

Also what happened Sunday....after the baptism of Maria, the senior couple were doing something for the YSA in his house and we heard they were having cookies, so we decided we should try and see if we can go. We basically invited ourselves but it was ok. We went and had desserts but during the eating of the desserts girls kept trying to speak English to me and one of them actually speaks a lot of English. Her name is Vivani so she was telling another girl to say "when you go back home, give me a chance." I don’t really know who actually wants this chance - but it was pretty funny. I couldn’t stop laughing, as I understood what they were saying and I don’t think that they realized. The great story is that I found out that Vivani and her brother were searching the internet one day and found the church through the internet. They came to the church randomly wanting to be baptized and they have been members for two years now and very active. I like them both a lot, which is very cool and helpful if I don’t know a word in Portuguese!!

The next transfer is the 8th of August. They are every 6 weeks. Oh here on the 4th we are having a zone district meeting and then afterwards we are having a big lunch at the senior couples house (the Petries) we will have hot dogs and hamburgers and fruit and desserts. I am excited for Wednesday! The 4th of July for me is still the same no matter where I am.

Always remember that we are all saints in this gospel, so this also signifies that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We are here and called to pronounce his word to the people and I know this is true. All of us are tools in the Lord’s hands, but only certain people are missionaries, but not just for two years but for a lifetime. It is possible for a missionary to go on the mission and return but never truly became a missionary. I don’t want to become this. I am working hard and I know that hard work will never end.

Oh, and one more thing is that I am enjoying reading everything, I am like Nic now. LOL - enjoying reading things!! That’s pretty good that Nic is already leaving for college. I know that he will like it a lot.
Well that’s about all the happened...oh and Tiago didn’t come again!
I love you

elder adam jensen

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