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Monday, September 24, 2012

Assembly of God?

Monday 24th September 2012

So this past week, or well since Wednesday.


Since the last time I wrote, my companion and I marked another man for baptism on the 30th of this month. His name is Adriano. He is a member of the Assembly of God church, and so far he is very accepting and wanting to know more. I think it’s working out with this Adriano guy a lot because we are using a member who used to be a member of the Assembly church before he joined the church of Jesus Christ. The member is just telling him straight up why the Assembly of God church is wrong and how they don’t have the authority to do anything. It’s kind of funny, but it’s working. Adriano said he has been praying a lot and I actually saw him pray during sacrament, so that is awesome! Oh, and before he prayed during the sacrament meeting, I saw him reading Moroni chapter 8, which talks about being baptized as a baby is an abomination to the lord. Kind of interesting that he randomly opened to that chapter. Oh and with Adriano’s family, we are trying to get his cousin marked for the same day as well. His name is Bruno. He is a pretty good kid, but the only problem is that his parents are trying to make him not go to church or to be baptized. We will see about that. I think we will see Bruno tonight. Something I learned on my mission so far is that when you know the parents will say no about their child being baptized, you don’t ask! All you do is say that...."we would like to invite you to your child’s baptism, and here is a “for the strength of youth pamphlet” that your child will be learning as he continues in the church. We would hope that you will support your child’s decision and we know that your child would love the support from you." it really helps the parents know that it’s their child’s baptism not theirs. 

Also this past week, I have started a new little language learning goal thing. What I do is that I write five words that I heard that day. Learn what they are and try to say them the next day. And I do this in a cycle for each day. Its working out pretty well and I have learned already quite a few new words this week. Oh and I have been thinking that when I get back I might use my Portuguese to minor in Spanish. Spanish is a lot more useful in the world than Portuguese. It’s good to know your mission language, but why not use it to learn something that will actually help you lol.

 Thank you for the money, it helped.

Oh and guess what I am making for lunch today?

I am making BBQ bacon burgers with caramelized onions.


Oh and banana bread. but I kind of need the recipe for banana bread. I got the bananas and flour, but don’t know what else goes in it lol. 


I’ve attached just some more random photos, and if you didn’t know the northeast of Brazil is 3rd world.

Unless the President puts you in the richest areas, then it moves up just a little bit lol.

 BTW the rat was in our apartment, but obviously now is dead and burned.

Thank you for the recipe, and no we didn’t eat it the rat!!





Last Sunday went very well. We had a total of 7 baptisms in the zone. Actually it was a little too low since we should of had 13, but this next weekend we are all trying to have 11 baptisms in the zone.

Oh and another random thought - you can always be forgiven of sin but the consequences because of that sin will always be there. Just let go of the past and focus on what you’re going to do today, tomorrow and maybe the next day, it feels really good to just let go. Trust in the lord and do your best.

love you,

elder adam jensen 

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