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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 19:28:56 +0430

Subject: Re: Good Morning
To: jensens6@msn.com

So this past week...

I was sick for the most part. Tuesday until about Friday, it sucked by the way. Headache, fever, and stomach pains, but it’s all good now. My sickness is gone and I am feeling perfect and it was just a little virus I don’t really know how I got it but oh well. All is good. Because of the sickness, Elder Simpson and I didn’t really get a lot done, we tried Friday and Saturday but it didn’t really pay off, especially because literally no one went to church and we were not able to baptize Daniel, a young man who lives two streets down from the church. On Easter I ate lunch and some chocolate, that was about it. Oh and there was a birthday party for a sister in the ward. It was her surprise birthday party on Sunday.

No I have never been robbed or assaulted. I think it’s because I am not afraid to hit someone. Oh and I started to lose weight again – woo hoo! I gained some weight while I was in João Pessoa so I need to lose more weight. I got back up to 88 kilos!! (193lb’s). I can wait to get new clothes when I get back. to be honest....I don’t really like surprise clothes because at times I don’t like them and I will feel bad for whoever bought them. So please can we wait till I get home to buy new clothes so we don’t have the awkward..."yeah I like the clothes but I won’t wear them in public situations"

Oh and transfers were today. I was transferred. I left Ipes at 8:30 this morning and arrived here at like 10 a.m. It’s a very close city that has a lot, a huge supermarket close to the house. I know...spoilt now! Nope no service projects! The apartment is nice just needs a little cleaning and I have a bed. All houses have beds for each missionary; we don’t all sleep in hammocks. I am now in Campina Grande. I am actually kind of upset about it. I worked so hard to have a wedding and before it could happen I get transferred! Also, Elder Simpson and I had some plans to do an activity in the ward - a ward cook-off. We would have totally won! But now it won’t happen, along with some other things they won’t happen as well.

Good news:

Campina Grande is the coldest city in the mission, being here in Campina Grande means that I will stay in the João Pessoa mission as well. The bishop from Ipês always comes to Campina Grande, so it means that the next package and my card that is still arriving at his house will eventually get to me. probably next week. I hope!! Most likely will or he will just give it to the Zone Leaders to give to me. one or the other. The new area is more city like with actual roads, but I haven’t been in my working area yet. We will see how it is afterwards…

My new companion is Elder Franco; he is from Paraguay and has about 4 months on his mission. He is a very skinny person that seems like he wants to be the boss but I am at the point where I don’t care and I think I will let him be the boss. I became District Leader as well. I don’t know if I want this calling, just a little more responsibility, but then again responsibility will probably keep me out of trouble and try to be an example.

I received the smoked salmon and one sandal, worth it by the way! I did like the one shoe!! Other members loved the fish and it was delicious and eaten all within 4 days ~ perfect! It just needed a nice Dr.Pepper to go with it ~ lol. Thank you for everything.

That is my week for ya...


elder adam jensen


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