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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Area and a New Companion

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 11:15:05 -0300
Subject: weekly email

Hello Everyone

So this past week....nothing much happened! I was sick, only with the cold, but even the cold can be very annoying. Elder Guzman and I were working to have three baptisms this Sunday, Claudia, Jaína, and Priscila. Well it looks like someone else will have the baptisms, because I was transferred along with Elder Guzman. I went to Mamamguape, a city north of João Pessoa. Elder Guzman stayed in Campina Grande, but a different area. My new companion is Elder Loveland who is from Georgia, it seems pretty good so far to be with an American. Elder Loveland has only three months on the mission but at least he understands a good portion of Portuguese. He seems to be about 6´1" and a little slower being new, but that’s ok… because you really don’t need to be very fast to do this work and plus by the Spirit, things can go very slowly. But, at this point, I really have no idea where I am at. Our house is blue and crappy, but it’s great for just two people - and yeah it was nice to leave Campina Grande because I needed a change!!!!! The only good thing about Campina Grande was that it was a little colder than this city. I had to take a bus to João Pessoa and then another bus to Mamamguape, and then a taxi to the city that I am working in. Next week I can give you a lot more details and the actual name of the city I am in - and maybe the address so you can look on Google Earth, well a city close to that one. I don’t really know the name of the little city I am in. There is no chapel in our area, so we take a bus with the members to another chapel about 40 minutes away – it’s a little weird, but it doesn’t bother me at all. But it looks like the area I am in has a lot of baptisms, so that makes me happy. Well nothing else new for me though!!

Yes I think this will be my last area, and I am still a DL but Elder Loveland is new to the mission, but he has been in this area for only 6 weeks. Mamamguape seems a lot like my first area, Sousa, it is an actual city, but very poor and easy to work. But yep, Sunday’s look great with this type of situation, Bus = Meeting = Baptisms = Bus = It works out perfectly!!!

Well that’s about all that happened actually but yesterday was Elder Mantle´s birthday in Campina Grande. We went out and bought 100 little fried things and some soda. He seemed to enjoy it!! 

Hey, but I need a really big and bad favor. I literally have no money or food until the 15th. If you could put just 20 dollars in the account I would be eternally grateful. With the traveling and with random bills and water running out, I have no more money. Sorry!! It is only until the 15th, I will only need 20 dollars. But it was in the last house, the water pump broke in the apartment building, so we had to waste a little more money than we wanted to. Well if you could do it quickly or maybe electronically that would be amazing because I have to eat soon - I am dying - haha :D I just enough money to go to meetings and have food in the house, the church will pay for the water heater, but I will have to wait for reimbursements.

It’s almost time to get off the internet, but I literally have no money to go to the meetings tomorrow, or eat lunch today. I also have no money until the 15th, when we get our allowance. Please!!!

 Oh BTW, the girl - it looks like it might not work out. Oh well, not a big deal. I am no longer really worried anymore about my future spouse. I will find her or able to have her when the time is right. It only took me a little time to realize it but at least it wasn’t like years to realize. But I have to go now and I will talk to you on Monday. I love you a lot and I am sorry that we didn’t have much time.

Oh and Dad told me about the lawnmower, and I liked the shirt and the journal, the package was GREAT!!!!! I only have 4 months now. Wowowowowow: D

Thank you!


elder adam jensen

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