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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two baptisms coming...

From: "Adam Jensen" <adj1991@myldsmail.net>
Sent: November 11, 2013 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Sunshine

Hello Everyone,

So this past week...

It was a bust!!  We invited a bunch of people to go to church and to be baptized and what happened? Nobody went to church. Maybe we are just talking to the wrong people then. But luckily we actually were very blessed with at least 2 people at church that really needed to go. A woman that was planning on getting married, but her husband is a lazy bum. Cool, but a lazy bum. The other was a total shock, she always said that she would go but has never gone. Every week is the same. But she finally went, and we have to go to her house tonight or tomorrow to see how she felt and if she liked church. I hope so because I want to baptize!!!!

The girl that went, which was a surprise, shocked me again when I asked how old she was. She looks at least 18 and acts 18 as well. Well she looked me straight in the eye and said 13. I couldn’t believe her, but everyone told me that it was the truth. Ridiculous!

The other women that went almost didn’t go because every day she has to get water out of the huge well they have. It’s about 20 meters deep and the water they need is a lot. We went there after lunch to fill up her water tank. We got about 40 buckets full, but it still wasn’t enough to fill the tank. I am still a little tired from pulling the water out of the well. She is very nice though and really wants to be baptized, but her husband is lacking a lot, like helping in the house, going to church and supporting her. I’m tired of lazy men here. They need to actually be a man and fulfill their responsibilities. But last night he called us and said he wanted to cancel the wedding - Yeah we got to go back there to change his mind. They need to get married!!!

We played soccer in the morning. And nothing is planned after this. We have a family home evening planned tonight. I hope there is going to be pizza. It would be amazing!!!! But so far that is it. Maybe I will try and get new investigators at a break dancing tournament. I want to learn. Actually I am learning little by little how to break dance. Or at least hip-hop. Have to do what you got to do to get new investigators and baptisms lol.  My companion is good!  Hey I actually know how to dance. Thanks! lol. But for break dancing, I think about 80% is from the US. The rest is from here, and depending on where you are in Brasil you will hear different music.  Other parts are just music from the US, and other parts are just samba and other parts are like a country music mixed with an accordion music. (It’s bad!)  but I like it!

Hey I have to go now though. I love you and everyone else. Thank you for everything!  Well that’s all for this week.


elder adam jensen

The following is excerpts from a letter that we recently received which took three months to get from Brazil!
“Well, by the time you get this, I don’t know if I will still be in Itapororoca, I actually hope I stay, I have less than three months left and I know by the time this letter comes you will have already received my flight plan! I am so excited to come home and be free!!! LOL  I love being a missionary but man I would not be able to do more than two years. I feel bad for the missionaries that stayed for more than two years back in the day!

In Itapororoca we received 220 Reals each month and 172 Reals is spent just on traveling to a city 15 minutes away each month. I did ask the President if we could receive more money to baptize each week because that’s our training, it is to baptize each week with no exception. But the President looked at me and said that I now have to baptize once a month instead. It is kind of hard and ridiculous because he and all the other leaders really get down on you if you don’t baptize each week. This is very frustrating! But we will endure!
Time flies by so fast and on the 23rd only 12 more weeks and then I am back home!!


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