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Friday, April 27, 2012

I don't think I will ever forget bug spray again!

April 23rd 2012

Helllllloooooo Family and friends!

Well, last week on Thursday we went to a place called Pau dos Ferros, because there are some people there that needed to be taught. They don’t have a chapel or anything, so if they want to be baptized, they have to come to Sousa. Anyway 3 families from there should be getting baptized on the 29th. While I was there, we slept in hammocks and I forgot insect repellent, so I ended up waking up, getting in the taxi, and going back to Sousa, and went to go to the bathroom, and what do I find.....bug bites everywhere! I counted on my arms and legs, 106 bug bites,  that is not including my face or neck!!  On my face or neck there has to be at least another 45 bug bites. I look like I have a ton of acne because of the bug bites, They are going down, and not looking too gross. I don’t itch that much anymore either. I will remember bug spray next time!!

Oh and some other things, is my weight. Next week I will tell you what it is, but if you didn’t know I was my heaviest when I was in the CTM,   I weighed 104 kg. that is 227 pounds!!!  I know I weigh at least 200 by now, but I will be sure next week. When I show people a picture of me when I was set apart, they say I look a lot skinnier. I think they are right.

Hmmmm some other things....our washer is broken!  I mean the washer washes the clothes, but the water doesn’t drain out or rinse them, so after washing we either have to rinse them or we just hand wash the whole load,  not a big deal, but annoying!  Except due to the washer I realized that I suck at hand washing clothes. I know I will get better at it. Next month Sister Hall is bringing us a new one, so I am not worried that much.

My companion and I will start an English class soon for members and potential investigators. my companion speaks pretty good English,  he has only been out a year, and has only learned English on the mission. Pretty crazy I know. 

Yesterday on Sunday I was at 3 baptisms. My companion baptized one, a member baptized a woman, and I baptized a man. It was pretty cool and scary, but I know it won’t be the last, especially in Sousa. My first baptisms that I have ever done were in Portuguese,  that I think is the crazy part. The hardest part about baptizing in Portuguese is saying there name.
Something else that is funny, is that Sousa is kind of like Ephrata, like how it’s a random town, and no one really knows about the city. (The funny thing about it is that the other Elders (Zone Leaders) I live with say that in Sousa is where you see the cutest girls. Hilarious because they have been to João Pessoa, and Campina Grade, and Natal.

Oh well not a big deal, I just find it funny. When I leave an area, I will just send an SD card home of that area, I promise!   We are currently only receiving mail once a month, and since there were none when I arrived in Joao Pessoa, I have to wait until next month for all of my mail.
Anyway, if you would like to send me a care package this is what I would like:

Care package:

-gold bond cream

-copy of my patriarchal blessing (I forgot it)

-2 SD cards. one with a video from home, like individual videos of each of the family members

-another pair of the dr.sholls gel insoles, or cheaper ones

-some reeses peanut butter cups

-either symphony bar, the almond toffee one, or a special dark Hershey’s bar

-a flash drive with music from tabernacle choir, classical music, and EFY music from youth.lds.org


what photos to take and grab to send to me?

the house, like from the street

the kitchen, living room, dining room area upstairs

the cop car

dad in his uniform

the truck

Gavin and Lindsey

the beach and water


Dillon and Chester (miss my dogs)

maybe some pictures of camping

Nic's plays if possible

Nic by himself

Sean by himself

Gavin by himself

crab, and crabbing

my guns. dad has the keys

snow, and when it is snowing or was snowing

any other fun pictures from family events or other family

and some childhood pictures

and maybe the outside of the church

anyway, I love you a lot

elder adam jensen

Well I have to get off now, just have to send a letter to President Hall.  Sorry, I had a lot of emails this time for some reason. I guess people love me lol.   I am doing amazing.  Anyway I love you a lot too, and I will send letters when I receive them next month lol
love elder adam jensen
tcheu tcheu até proximo semana (until next week)

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