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Monday, May 21, 2012

A different kind of Seminary

May 21, 2012

Well, I am sorry I missed you this week. The rest of the guys decided to do email later because the missionary newspaper came later today instead of in the morning.

We also never ended up seeing that guy last week, but I know we will this week. This week is a little different because tomorrow there is a training meeting in João Pessoa only for zone leaders, district leaders and trainers. So I will be going to a little city with other missionaries called Pombao while my roommates are in João Pessoa.

Something good did happen this week. My companion and I received a reference, or well they came to us. A mom really wants her daughter to be in the church, so she brought her to the ridiculous seminary class, but the daughter liked it. Her name is iamanda. Like eeeee amanda. kind of different, especially in Sousa. Iamanda is 16 and seems to be enjoying everything we have been saying and likes the church. She has not prayed by herself yet, but I know she will because she seemed to react well to the promise I gave her last time we met with her. I told her that if she prays she will feel the Spirit so strong that she will for sure know this is true. Anyway, that is what happened this week.

Thank you so much for sending all the things that I need or want. I can see how hard you are trying and I am so appreciate of this. I love you so much. and thank Nic for me because I know the music must have taken a while.

Dad sent me a pretty nice email. I very much enjoyed reading it. I can tell that with me on my mission it is making him think of the wonderful things he had on his own mission. From things he has told me, I know that those things will for sure help me as well.

So, so far, I think we will have one baptism this week, but hopefully two, because we are also trying to get iamanda´s father to come to church, but he works way too much, so we will see. One bad thing about this girl is that the mom really wants a missionary to marry her...of course....!! When iamanda came to church she asked another YW if people are able to marry missionaries, but the funny thing is that the YW said that we only can after our mission. THANK GOODNESS!! Kind of silly I know but it freaks me out because both of them are looking for husbands!!.

Oh, and before when I said the ridiculous seminary....I said this because the class is of 6 people who are ages 12 to 19. Most of them are 12, 13 and 14 years old. The teacher is a girl who just recently turned 19, but she was gone for the last seminary, so she asked a boy who is part of seminary to teach. He is only 14 years old. This class happens once a week and it’s for like a half an hour. This class actually frustrated me, but I just have to live with it and just move on. I don’t know, when I am out here I get frustrated with these branches, but I just shrug it all off each time like it is nothing. Things are a little different, but the sacrament, the most important part is always the same, which is good!

Well I will try to explain this week a little more on the next p-day. The next p-day I know will be at normal time. Sorry for this time, and the last time this happened. Anyways, I love you a lot and I miss everyone.


elder adam jensen

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