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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A VERY Happy Mother's Day

May 16, 2012
Hello Everyone!!
It was really nice to Skype on Sunday. I like the fact that here we are able to Skype plus seeing home and the family was a really nice pick me up for the day and week. This week has been interesting because today is transfer day, but when it is transfer week, it seems to me that no one really works until Wednesday night, after p-day ends. I guess for missionaries that have been here for a long time they just find this to be normal, it makes the day go by slower, so I don’t like that part about these 3 days, but other than that, it hasn’t been bad at all.
I went to a small sort of market restaurant place recently and I spoke by myself for everything I wanted and what they had all in Portuguese. I felt pretty good about it actually. I think I am coming along with the language at the right pace. My companion and I are going to start to try and just speak in Portuguese outside of the house after p-day ends, unless we talk about girls, then it will be in English because the girls won’t know what we say just girls walking on the street, like hmmm she was cute, and then we just keep walking. it just lets the walking pass by quicker, because if there is no talking then the walk sucks.  (just kidding!) It’s kind of funny because here I can speak English so people won’t know what I say, but when I go home I can speak in Portuguese when I don’t want people to know what I am saying.
So today I think I am going to get my companion to agree to see this really cool guy. When we talked to him before earlier he said a lot of things that are truths in our religion, like revelation and things like that and we never even said anything about revelation. He just started going off about how there has to be revelation because we wouldn’t have e received the Bible. He started to talk bad about other churches, but he seems like a person that will be easy to teach. I am excited for this guy, and a positive, he has a family and a car. My companion and I want to start a new goal, of finding investigators to start filling the parking lot. If the parking lot doesn’t fill up, then the members will keep asking the senior couple here for a ride. People here tend to be kind of lazy and I am pretty sure that if you take out the senior couple, a lot of people who originally received a ride would not come to church, it’s sad, but true. I just wish that here the church was more stable than now. Maybe my companion and I can do it......lol!!!
I really hope Nic decides to go on a mission as well. I know it will do him a lot of good and yeah Ammon emailed me and it was nice to hear from him again. Howard emailed me as well, but all he said was "I am going to Brazil....suck it" I laughed at this, but I know he will love Brazil. and he will probably meet people who can speak English. Also, if you want the video to get to me by June, then you have to send it soon, because letters normally take 2-3 weeks.
I am super happy about the music. I am actually excited for it. Oh and that is super nice of the Willard’s, thank them for me. Oh and we got the washing machine. it’s amazing and I am happy we got it.
That is very good and it’s kind of cool for Brother Powell, and Emily better be getting ready (to be my wife) hahaha. I found my new favorite scripture. 3 Nephi 5:13 I think it is 13. it says.... "behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of god......I don’t remember the rest in English. I memorized it in Portuguese though. It’s crazy. from the day I got into the field until now, I have gone from the beginning of Mosiah to 3 Nephi ch.6 today. How far have you got? I do miss a few things, but when we teach, none of that matters anymore and the Lord takes care of us.  I actually like having the two meetings on Sunday’s, because it’s kind of a relaxing day and we don’t really go to all of the classes, but meet with other people too.
I love you a lot and I am sorry about how quick the Skyping was, only 40 minutes each time, but still it goes by so fast,  it’s kind of surprising how quick it does go. Ok well I love you a lot and I miss the family, oh, and you will probably receive a letter from me either this week or next.
elder adam jensen

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