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Friday, May 11, 2012

Zone P-Day

Hello Everyone,

OK well I am finally here lol. We had to email later today because today was zone p-day. We had everyone from our zone today, so we had 12 out of the 14 people show up. For fun today we played water balloon baseball. I had to teach them how to play, it ended up being a huge water fight, but it didn’t matter. we're in Sousa, so we wore our clothes for 2 hours soaking wet, and after the time passed, completely dry!!

Things that have happened since I last talked....p-day after emailing we went to the senior Elders house, which is right above from where we email, and she made fry-bread, it was so good, you know I love fry-bread!! Last Sunday I talked and forgot to tell you all, I spoke in church and it was about prayer. All in Portuguese of course and surprise surprise people seemed to like it. Nobody said how bad my Portuguese was when I spoke which was a major plus! We actually got 7 people to commit to baptism this next Sunday, but none of them showed up to church, so only two of them will be baptized this upcoming Sunday...I hope!

Oh and this week, we all had interviews with the President of the Mission. My interview went very well, but I think that is because it wasn’t an interview, it was a conversation about how we are both doing lol. I like my Mission President a lot, he is so loving towards all missionaries.

We have not received our new washer yet, but we will soon, because we chose one and got it approved by Sister Hall. We really love Sister Hall!! Our goal for this month as a Zone is 24 baptisms, 7 of them being men and 3 of them being families. I hope we reach this goal, but I think we can do it for sure, just need Faith. We got 7 people to commit to baptism this next Sunday and I hope this other family will come to church because the dad seemed to really believe and his parayer was amazing. I mean like the way he asked for the truth and how he wants his family to know this is true as well. But instead last Sunday, he decided to go to his regular church, maybe he just can't let go of a long commitment to a church. I don't really know because he would say this in Portuguese and I would never know what he is saying. This past week was kind of a whatever week and I actually kind of hated it. The teaching and success was terrible, and we didn't do as we planned, but anyway, this week was good in some ways, but none of them showed up to church, so only two of them will be baptized this upcoming Sunday...I hope.

Some even better news, was that I found out was that this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Sousa it was a little different because there was an out-of-season carnival where the first day, the men dress like women, and the women dress like men for a huge dance party, Sister Petre, (senior couple) said it is like Sodom and Gomorrah. So during Sodom and Gomorrah in Sousa, we didn’t have any successes during those days. They actually sucked alot. This party was the reason why we didn’t have anybody come to church or be baptized like they were supposed to. It was an out of season carnival. This party certainly put everything back a week. We didn't teach anyone and came home early, no one came to church or be baptized like they said they would, so instead they will be baptized this coming Sunday on Mother’s day. I am happy that on my mission I will only be going through one carnival. My companion said you stay inside for 5 days!!! He also said that if you go outside you have a chance of getting hit by a water balloon filled with paint! Sounds kind of cool and of course horrible at that same time, of course horrible because I am on a mission, and these clothes should not have paint on them lol!!.

Something else....one of the Zone leaders found out I have an ipód at home and now he won’t stop bothering me about how much he wants to buy it. I don’t want to sell it to him. So something instead of selling mine, I would like to know if there is an extra iPod or mp3 player no one is using at home, and that the owner would be fine being sold, so that you can have something cool from Brazil when I return...in 2014! iPods here are so expensive, for the one that I have it costs around 600 reals, which is converted to a good 300 bucks back home, pretty horrible.

I am so excited for this Sunday, and the first of June. This Sunday I get to speak to you, but I don’t know what time probably around 2:00pm and most likely over Skype, but that is only if the computer works. If so then yes it will be Skype. You'll be able to see my tan.

Well anyway, I love you all so much, and Mom I hope that you are feeling ok, and don’t worry about things you can’t control. Things always eventually work themselves out, whether it is in this life or the next.

I love you alot
with love
elder adam jensen


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