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I have been called to serve the Lord in the Joao Pessoa, Brazil Mission. Joao Pessoa is in the NE region of Brazil and is the capital city of the state of Paraíba, it was founded in 1585. It is also known as "the city where the sun rises first". The nearest Temple is 75 miles away in Recife. Please follow me as I embark on the Lord's work love, serve and share His Gospel. Over the next two years 2/1012 -2/2014 You can write to me at: Elder Adam Jensen Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission Rua Deputado Jose Mariz, #515 Tambauzinho 58042 - 020 Joao Pessoa - PB Brazil. or email Elder Jensen at: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Friday, June 15, 2012

Confirmations galore!

Hello everyone!

The week has been good. On Tuesday last week all the missionaries from three zones went to Campina Grande, it’s about 5 hours away, but it was a conference thing and we heard from President Marzigadi. I don’t know how to spell his name, but he is the 1st counselor for the area presidency of Brazil. He spoke on a lot of things but it was all in Portuguese, so I really don’t remember much. I remember that he spoke a lot about how we need to try and make sure that our investigators have desire, because without it then there really is no point.

Also this week I asked Iamanda's mom to be baptized, and she said no, but she said no because she wants her husband to come to church first. So we have to really put in a lot of effort to teach the husband and make sure he comes to church, and if we do this then two more baptisms this month it will be awesome and I think we can do it, but the husband works so much. we will do it though!! Oh and we met a new family that is a reference from the sisters because we now have an actual area we work in, and this family is awesome. They already believe in some things and they have already said they will come to church this upcoming Sunday. We are teaching this family today, and I hope everything goes very well. they seem like an awesome family. In the family it’s a grandma, mother, father, and son, and a baby. So hopefully.....!

It sounds like everything back home is awesome. and I would love that video of the dogs! The dogs and cats here just walk around and no one owns them, but maybe at one time people did.

I live off of 60 bucks in Amercan money for every 15 days. It’s becoming easier, but I still have the urge to spend it all right away!  If you look at Google Earth, a place near mine...hmmm, look at the Hospital Santa Terezinha, which is about 4 miles north east of the place on the map.

All is well. The Church still moves on and keeps growing. If you ever think things back home are ever going bad with the church then I will just say things about here and you might think differently. Oh and on this last Sunday me and the other Missionaries - Elders confirmed I think 5 people on Sunday. It was awesome, but man I don’t think I will ever be able to do it again, maybe nearer the end of my mission. There is no place to exchange money from US dollars to Reales. So I wouldn’t be able to use American dollars. Thank you for the prayers. I know that I am being so blessed here, and you back home. I have to go now, but I love you and everyone back home. I am so happy to hear all of your blessings back home and I hope they continue to come.

with a lot of love

elder adam jensen

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