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Friday, August 3, 2012

Meeting our Zone Goal...!

July 31st, 2012

Hey so this past week, 

This past week I was sick until Thursday morning so the work was actually horrible. We met with a young guy that was supposed to be baptized, but when we talked to him about it he said no again. I don’t know why, but to be honest I think it is because he wants to do things before baptism, especially because I saw two hickies on his neck from his new girlfriend. He is only 16, but I can’t judge, especially according to my life lol. He is a good kid and I hope he eventually understands the importance of becoming closer to God and Jesus. Elder Rinaldi and I didn’t have any baptisms this past week, and I don’t think we have any for next week because no one came to church....again! But yeah we have a lot of families to see in the week. I am excited to get them marked for a date for baptism.

Also this week we had our normal 8 men we have to have each week,  3 of them are really strong or firm, and want to know so much more. We found them just outside the church looking, and then they came up to us and asked who we were and our purpose. It was really awesome!! We ended up giving them a tour of the church and told them a lot of what we believe, and they enjoyed it a lot. Except the funny thing is that one of the guys had a little daughter with him, and she ended up peeing on the floor because her dad wasn’t paying attention, but that’s ok. It was funny, and come on; children are here to embarrass parents anyways! 

Also this week, we ended up reaching our zone goal of 18 baptisms for the month. The zone had 19 baptisms total. That is why we had a zone p-day today. We can only have a zone p-day if we reach the goal for the zone. Zone p-day means that all the missionaries in the zone, which is 14 missionaries, come to our area and we all hang out and have fun. Oh, but the whole mission had 194 baptisms this month. A little less than the goal already set, which is a bummer. The goal was 203 baptisms. Maybe next month we will reach the goal. 

So about mail, I will receive mail tomorrow night when the zone leaders return from João Pessoa. But so far a have received the package that had 100 name cards and the one thumb drive. Not more than this, but maybe tomorrow night I will have more. I am actually hoping. Because the last time I was hoping a little too much and all I received was the card from Gavin. I love Gavin but it sucks only getting that when expecting so much more. Maybe I will get more mail. 

Yeah I am missing the Petrie's,  they are my family away from home.  Sister Petrie goes in for her hand surgery tomorrow,  hopefully she does fine as they told me that the recovery time is very fast. Anyway, I did call Sister Hall, and I went to the doctor. He thought it was a viral infection  and Sister Hall told me to stay home take medicine and rest. I did that on Tuesday but Wednesday night I took some medicine and had a blessing and the next morning I felt totally fine. It was actually awesome!! (except Sister Hall thought I might have had dengue fever,  maybe or maybe not but either way it is all gone.) BTW, the doctor didn’t do any blood work and I decided not to even do blood work at the lab,  but I am better.
I will send the whole SD card home when I receive an SD card lol. The food is still the same as before, rice, beans, noodles, and chicken every day. It is never different unless we make the food. I did see that the girls’ soccer team won in the Olympics and Brazil did too.

Ok well I have got to go now. I love you a lot and I will talk to you next week. I forgot to tell you. next week is transfer week, so I don’t know exactly what time I will email. Sorry. Transfer week is always crazy, but it will happen on Wednesday the 8th of August. so I won’t speak again until that day. I love you a lot and I will talk to you soon. P-day will be on Wednesday instead of Monday and we will email later in the day again. Email will happen again from 2-4 p.m. my time so like today. But always I love you and stay safe and be grateful for the blessings, I mean pray a lot!

with love

elder adam jensen

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