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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


August 8th, 2012

Hey everyone,

So this past week....

We still didn’t have any baptisms Sunday, but the positive news is that two people came to church. It was two 16 year olds. Actually they passed by the church and I think they have gone to church before in the past, but we caught them on the street and brought them to church. It was actually pretty cool.

Oh and something happened to a member this past week which is actually pretty sad. So the guy’s wife never came home one night and he was really worried, so the next day he went to the hospitals and she wasn’t at any of them, and then he went to where she works, and she never went to work the day before. He was checking things around his house, and he noticed the 100 Reals were missing, along with some clothes and her documents. He was freaking out, so we gave him a blessing and tried to calm him down. well, later that day he received a call from his wife.....and she says that she is in another city, and that she was kidnapped and raped. It was horrible, but she said to the husband to not worry, because her brother lives in this city she happened to be dropped off at. She also said not to come see her because she didn’t want him to see her like whatever she looked like. I feel so bad the member, because all of this happened. He is a great guy, but I know there are missing parts to the story, I mean someone is not telling the whole truth, but still I was sad to hear that this happened and we all prayed and wished him the best and her.

Also since I emailed to you last I have been transferred to Mossoro. It is more hot than Sousa, but good news is that there is some wind. Also here inside the new house, are all American missionaries. So a lot of English and on top of that an American who married a Brazilian lives here in Mossoro and he is an English teacher. The funny thing about it is that he chooses to speak English to us. He seems like a really cool guy. I also learned about this new area is that there are great people and we receive a lot of references, and we have a lot of baptisms here. I am excited in my new area and this will be a whole new experience.

In Sousa, the area that we were in was basically a made up area until President could figure out the areas for us because the other missionaries that came with me, the group was huge. But my old area is closed. Elder Rinaldi went to a place close to Campinas Grande it is another branch. My area before me and Elder Rinaldi were there, was Sousa area and Estação area, and when we arrived we created an area called Sousa/Estação 2. The Sousa/Estação area is now closed and the areas are back to normal. The Petries' will still be there. Hopefully the package you will send for them can get there soon. I will take pictures of this area as well. I wasn’t shocked I was moved, but I didn’t expect Mossoro.

I am about 4 hours NE from Sousa, mainly north though. And for me, I am not sad, all is actuallypretty good.

P-day will be back to Monday next week. I have to go now.

I love you

elder adam jensen

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