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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Referrals, referrals and referrals

August 13th, 2012

So this past week,

We arrived here on Wednesday, and the zone leaders took us to a member’s house, so that he could show us our area and people we could work with. It was kind of nice because he showed us other members, and how to get around in our area, and on top of that he showed us where lunch was for the whole week. He was a cool guy. But the only thing that sucked about that day was that we basically did no work, so one of the days to find new people was basically lost.

Hmmm, the Zone leaders also told us that there was a man ready to be baptized this Sunday, but they lied. We went and taught this guy and he is married to a member and the rest of the family is members except for him, but the thing was about this guy is that he is – well, kind of lies a lot. We showed up there and asked him why he wasn’t baptized the Sunday before when he had his interview and he said that he had a problem with coffee. The next day we went and taught him and we asked if he drank coffee yesterday? You know what he said?? He was like...I don’t even like coffee. I only said that because during the interview I was hearing things that I didn’t know before, like the Word of Wisdom and The Law of Chastity, so I just lied and said I have a problem with coffee so I couldn’t be baptized. So basically we were like um ok then. But after that we also found out that the missionaries before never taught about Prophets, so we had to explain that and also to read and pray about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The guy never read or prayed and he has questions like is the Book of Mormon true and was Joseph Smith truly a prophet? But he decides he doesn’t want to ask these questions because he doesn’t want to be baptized. So unfortunately this guy is now cut from our investigators and when he finally decides to be baptized and then maybe we will still be here.

Also we worked with more members and I like them all. The lunch is VERY good and we have a lot of people to teach already, like 10 new people that are all just references!! I think I will be in Mossoró until December. There is transference before Christmas and I think that will be when I leave here. The people in Mossoro are so fantastic and most have already gone to school so I probably will not run into anyone that says they can’t read. The people here understand a lot more. Oh and the Ward is awesome. Giving references all the time. I am pretty sure I’ll never have to do street contacts again here in Mosorro. It is the only place in Brasil that is nothing like the rest, it is nearer to the Temple but unfortunately I still won’t go to the temple. Yeah it is hot and humid here. Kind of sucks, but I will be totally fine, and I still am lol.

The other missionaries inside the house are zone leaders, and their names are Elder O´Very who is from Utah, and Elder Galvez who is from Oregon. My new companion is Elder Collins and he is from Arizona, in Mesa. And my companion is pretty cool he does live near the Petrie's, but he doesn’t know them. And none of them have served in Sousa except for Elder O´Very, he started in that area like me. And Mom, no, it does not feel like college!! LOL.

Hmm and the zone leaders were being nice by giving us an investigator, and they obviously wouldn’t say bad things about the investigator because they want to motivate us to get a baptism. I understand why they did that. Oh, and in Sousa with the wife that is cheating on her husband she is still in another city and I don’t think the husband has seen her yet from the last time I talked with them or saw them. Pretty sad!

With the mail, I received everything except for the sunglasses, and I only received one of the two shirts so far. I have the dr. pepper one. Thank you!

If you or anyone else was to send one thing or maybe two...can it be a dr.pepper soda and taco bell hot sauce????????? I think the dr pepper will be ok, because someone here already received a soda in a bottle and it was ok the whole way!! One other thing too is that I do need Gillett fusion blades, 68 reals here are very expensive, technically it is around 34 dollars, but for 4 blades. Putting money into my account is crazy to buy them here. Costco is cheaper. Totally ridiculous!!! If those are still too expensive, then don’t worry about it. We can’t go inside malls, and for four blades it is 68 reals. Hopefully Santa brings me some more Gillett blades too! Lol

I already have the Petrie’s emails. My time on the mission has gone by extremely fast. I figured out that I will be coming home in Jan 2014. I think but maybe it will still be the beginning of Feb. I will just have to figure it out with the schedule of transfers.
But I have to go now. I love you and I miss you guys.

I love you a lot and I will talk to you next week.

with love
elder adam jensen

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