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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 11:20:12 -0300
Subject: Re: Hello
From: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Hello Everyone

So this past week...

My companion and I have been teaching a few people and two of the miracles that we have seen is from a young guy named Abrãao (abraham) and a young woman named Suyanne. with Abrãao, he was very shy and actually acted really weird with us the first three times we taught him, like something else was in the room. Also he didn't want to pray and told us that he is interested but not enough to read. After the third time of teaching him, he read and prayed. he change dramatically. He is very open and now makes jokes and is already pretty good friends with others from church. He is going to be baptized on the 25th, or sooner. Suyanne, the first time I ever met her, she just glared at me and Elder Collins, and didn't want anything from us. Actually it seemed like at that moment that she hated us. We went back to her house when Elder Claudio arrived and in a teenager way and not a missionary way, just like making friends. She opened up a lot and laughed and is really enjoying our visits. Suyanne went to church yesterday and I think tonight or Wednesday we are going to plan to mark her baptismal date. It should be very good. We have two other families right now, but we have to get them married first. Marriage is actually very easy here in Mossoró because it's free and only takes 25 days to get all the paper work ready for the wedding! Hmm we also have others, but they are not quite progressing yet. I hope that changes soon!

About letters, I have only received birthday cards. The last time the Zone Leaders went to João Pessoa, they didn't have or grab any other packages for me, but I was very grateful for all the cards I received! Oh and I opened the other package - thank you for the cool video camera, it's pretty cool but I think I will wait to watch the video on Saturday. On Saturday, I will be going to a members house for lunch. I told him I would teach him how to make curry, and yes I remember how to cook curry silly. I'll show you some pictures that I have already taken. I checked everything out on the video camera before i took pictures. I think I have only taken one video so far, which was of all four of us trying to kill a rat lol. Anyway, so that's what were going to do. On Saturday night, a couple of recent converts want to bring my companion and I to pizza it should be really good, if its the right type of pizza.

Hey that's really cool about Michaan and Aaron Kramer getting married (not together) It's about time lol. It's fine about money right now. Oh I have been thinking about vacations, so many missionaries keep talking to me about cruises for a week. They keep saying how cheap it is compared to other vacations and they´re totally worth it. I was told that on Royal Carribean they have these metal cups that you buy in the beginning of the trip and they are refill cups for soda. Soda is the only thing that you would be spending money on if you didn't buy the cup because the food and snacks and other drinks other than soda (and acohol) are free. If you dont book any adventure things, than its obviously cheaper. It sounds to be pretty cool. If it's way out of our reach, then i understand, but it would be cool, if we planned a week. Maybe the week before the Spring semester started in April, to go on a cruise as a family. Obviously, if Gavin and Lindsey wanted to go then they would pay for themselves lol. but yeah I have been thinking about a cruise a lot lately. I have actually thought about working on one during the seven week break during August when I dont have school either.
Yeah thats about my week, except that my new companion is actually helping more than I thought. I keep getting the feeling that he is training me to become a trainer, we will see soon in December or January. I love you all and I have to go now. Talk to you guys next Monday.


elder adam jensen

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