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Monday, November 19, 2012

My Birthday

Monday, 19th November 2012

Hello Everyone

So this past week...

This past week went pretty well. My companion and I were able to get all of our goals done, except for marking three people for baptism. We only were able to mark two people, so yeah we have two people marked for the 25th. Abrãao and Etianne. Abrãao is 19 and Etianne is 13. they are pretty cool people and prepared to be baptized with the blessings of the Lord. These two people really are elect; we are working a lot with them so they will be baptized on the 25th. We have other investigators, but none of them were at church, so we will either work with them more and see why they were not at church, and then go back to the drawing board. I hope that our other investigators will progress. As long as I just keep working hard and doing what I am supposed to be doing, everything will work out. 

On Saturday, my 21st birthday....I went to a member’s house and his name is Heider, who is 29 years old and not married yet. I made curry at his house, it turned out very good but just needed more salt lol. He bought me a cake and he sang to me happy birthday in English. It was pretty cool. For the rest of the day, I worked like normal, and my companion and I were able to get 7 lessons in and find 3 new men two works with all on Saturday. I actually forgot about watching the video. I will watch it today. What about the cruise?

The rest of the week, was kind of boring. I made a division (splits) with one of the Zone leaders I live with and it went pretty well. We marked one of his investigators for baptism and ate açai. which was delicious! Hmm, nothing else really happened.

Today we are going to eat in a members house, who said she has a present for me...I can’t wait. but yeah and Sister Hall is coming to look at all the houses, so she can talk to a guy here who works for the church, so he can fix all the houses. and hmm, I think I will go out to the street market and buy some things. Maybe a hammock, new flip flops and whatever that really catches my eye. Later tonight we have family home evening with all the youth at the Bishops house, so that should be good. I hope more youth come this time. last time not that many people came - disappointing, but it was still pretty fun and enlightening.

Brazil is easy to cope with, because just knowing what I get to come home too. I just deal with it now and for two years and when you go home, it’s like presents ha-ha. But yeah it’s all good. I have now plans for Thanksgiving except for work. Oh, and that’s cool about the Christmas Santa sacks, and yes, I would like to be with the family when I get home. The second Christmas, you don’t need to do, it will all be alright.

Dad had already told me about Frazier’s mission call. It is Manaus, the hottest place you can be in Brazil. It is where my companion goes on splits with a different companion and I go with a different companion as well. Hey that’s good for Derrick, I am happy to hear it.

Oh and want to do me a favor? get Kallie's home address for me. I want to write her a letter about her mission if she is going on one. I hope Curtis finishes soon so I can know where he is going too!

Hey I love you and yeah next Monday I will email again. I hope you a have a great week, and stay healthy.

with love,

elder adam Jensen

p.s. I think Sister Hall is bring packages or mail with her, so maybe I have something. lol

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