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Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Baptisms and Reaching our Zone Goals!!

Mon, 22 Oct 2012 11:29:33 -0300


Hello Everyone,

So this is what happened this past week...

On Sunday, yesterday, we had three baptisms! They were all 15 or 16 years old. 2 of the teenagers, we have been teaching for two weeks, and they were set on date for yesterday. They understood very quickly what they needed to do in their lives to make it back to Heavenly Father, but the other 15 year old we baptized, was a reference that we received yesterday morning. We met this kid, Italu, in the afternoon, taught him the restoration and the commandments, and then asked him to be baptized. He already had desire to be baptized and he already went to church like 3 times before we ever met him. He agreed to be baptized and so that’s what we did. We baptized him. It was definitely kind of a "just do it" baptism, but whatever works. These kids are pretty cool, and I am happy they decided to start their path in the path of God. But next week we have one person that will be baptized. He is already planned to be baptized and he is pretty excited. But, they are two others that could be baptized as well. one of them, we know wants to be baptized, but he is too afraid to stand up to his mother about what he wants to do in his life, and the other said he came close to being baptized once, but it wasn’t the right time he said. But he went to church, and he is a big possibility as well. So next week me and Elder Collins have a good chance of getting 3 more baptisms! I am super excited for this! It would be 6 baptisms for the month of October. But the names of people who were baptized were, Etienne, Allison, and Italu. Next week’s so far is Noé. Its Noah in Portuguese or Spanish.

Today I am going to print off pictures of my baptisms so far, and eat açai, one kilo of it. And hmm, or and were going to eat with some other missionaries today for lunch. It’s a good day today I think. Oh and also last week, I guess, I learned some more gospel doctrine, but I do have a question I am trying to get answered. You know how they are 3 levels within the celestial kingdom? My question is, is there 3 levels in each of the kingdoms? I understand what the millennium is for, but the promise from Nephi is that it’s better to have never known the gospel if all you were was baptized. So it’s something I am trying to figure out.

I did try the cool towel already. I have about ten minutes or so. And I am doing pretty good. So far from what I know, nothing is planned for thanksgiving, and for Christmas, it is just Skyping home. But 4 or 5 days before Christmas, we have another zone conference and we will go to Natal for that. It’s a five hour drive. Which sucks in a van. It’s a nice van, but still sucks for five hours.

But yeah I will reach my monthly goal and I think we will reach our zone goal as well. We have 11 baptisms in the zone at the moment. But I have been eating well and not going hungry. And no, I still have plenty of money to last me. At the moment. and the next time I get mail will be the first week of November and the next time after that will be December 1st. but after that will be like the 20th or 21st of December as well, so if anyone wants to send me anything - you’d better get it in the mail soon…my greatest wish is for Taco Bell Hot/Fire sauce as everything is so bland here and a Dr. Pepper J

My address is:
Elder Adam D. Jensen
Missao Joao Pessoa, LDS
Rua Deputardo Jose Mariz #515
Joao Pessoa
P.B 58042-020

I hope that you like the picture and the Petries called me. They don’t have Halloween here in the northeast. But oh well. I love you and I got to go now. Love you and I will talk next week on Wednesday! Don’t forget!

With love,
elder adam jensen

p..s. dad- I would rather be in horrible weather than this heat lol. the sun is just not on our side. It has been in the 90’s – 100 degrees. I did print off the authority line, but I am excited to receive your package maybe in December lol. I am actually excited to receive everything. thank you both so much!


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