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I have been called to serve the Lord in the Joao Pessoa, Brazil Mission. Joao Pessoa is in the NE region of Brazil and is the capital city of the state of Paraíba, it was founded in 1585. It is also known as "the city where the sun rises first". The nearest Temple is 75 miles away in Recife. Please follow me as I embark on the Lord's work love, serve and share His Gospel. Over the next two years 2/1012 -2/2014 You can write to me at: Elder Adam Jensen Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission Rua Deputado Jose Mariz, #515 Tambauzinho 58042 - 020 Joao Pessoa - PB Brazil. or email Elder Jensen at: adj1991@myldsmail.net

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Area

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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 10:54:10 -0300
from: adj1991@myldsmail.net

So this past week...

This past week has been really good. I found out that the new missionaries in my last area will be baptizing the families on the 23rd of this month. I really hope they all go to church and commit to baptism. It sure is a blessing knowing people are willing to follow the path and be baptized. I think the only sad thing is when you prepare someone so well and they get baptized but they end up falling away. It’s just not sufficient being baptized and then not participating. We have to stay on the path, no matter what happens. People will always change but God will never change and we can always count on him. But anyways, this past week Elder Martins and I have been working with some great people. Except none of them were at church. But what can ya do...I guess just pray for the best. My area is a normal sized area. Has 4 neighborhoods, and it’s a relatively rich area.
View DSCF7552.JPG in slide showSome parts are very poor and some parts are pretty rich. In the end though they are all children of God. We have 5 baptisms lined up by the end of January but I hope we have more than 5.

We work pretty hard every day and the roads are all hills which is something I am not used to, but I am fine with it. Just means more of an exercise.

Right now I am the youngest in our house. Being 21. Others are 23, and 24. Ha embarrassing. But it’s all good. Today I will make curry for them. Our house is very nice actually. Small but pretty nice, and the weather here in João Pessoa is better than Mossoró. The ward is awesome so far, with a lot of inactive but that will change soon. I love trying to help a ward grow. My companion has been out for a year and 4 months I think. He leaves in august, and yeah we speak Portuguese all the time. I enjoy it, especially because in the beginning of my mission I spoke so much English. Portuguese is easy now, so it’s kind of like whatever I guess.

Maybe I will receive mail each week. it depends on the other elders in the house. and I don’t need new shoes; my shoes still look great for 10 months out. I haven’t received the package yet, as the mail doesn’t work like that. I would still have to wait for it to pass customs. I won’t waste the money and what is a national tax ID??

With my extra money I am buying garments right now. It’s super cheap in Brazil. I ordered 15 pairs of underwear which are about half the price here as in the USA like 23 reas or 11 dollars, they should be here for the first of January.
View 100_7685.JPG in slide showView 100_0055.JPG in slide showHmmm and about the cruise? Oh, I think that Gavin and Lindsey will get married before I get back, and they could do their honeymoon on the cruise we will be on. Maybe awkward with us there but sucks to be them. We could leave in Jan too if you would like. I heard the sad news about the school shooting from the news here. Really sad. I actually got mad for a second that someone did that to children.

Thursday is our Christmas meeting, where we hear talks, trainings and games afterwards. With food and what not. I am excited to receive letters and packages on Thursday. It should be good. Yeah, that’s about all that happened and will soon happen.

View 100_7694.JPG in slide showView 100_7696.JPG in slide showI haven’t heard from anyone else in the family, including Grandpa and Debbie…just Sarah and Grandma but I have to go now. until next week.

We will email on Christmas eve and then Skype on Christmas Day Woo Hoo!

with love,

elder adam jensen

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