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Thursday, January 3, 2013

HAPPY 2013 - No Christmas Packages!

Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 12:43:36 -0200
Subject: Re: Good Morning and Happy New Year!
From: adj1991@myldsmail.net

So this past week...

This past week was good, especially because I got to talk to all of you guys. On Christmas we only had a bbq lunch and I think a small dinner. today we will be eating at a members house and that’s about it. Also, we met all of our goals. Oh and we baptized. A man named Julho, a man of 30 something years. The baptism with Julho went very well and he seemed to be happy. But he won’t be confirmed until 2 weeks from now. He has to work next Sunday.

The children were not baptized, but it wasn’t our fault or the children’s fault. The children on Sunday morning before church the father went to the mother’s house and took them to another city so we couldn’t baptize them, and he wouldn’t answer his phone all day. He thinks that baptism won’t make an influence in the children’s lives. He is already baptized and all but really inactive and doesn’t like the church. But oh well. We will probably baptize them today or Sunday. Or maybe Saturday. The only reason we would baptize today is to reach the monthly goal of the mission and our zone. Thank you for the prayers. I am feeling and seeing every blessing I receive., and Julho was baptized.. the children will either be baptized today or this coming Sunday. The only reason we would baptize today is to reach our goal, so maybe we will.

I don’t know, I have been a little sad this past week because I just keep getting reminded of how no one does anything here. Like in the church or actually in parts of the world, you are a man when you are fulfilling your responsibilities, but here I am so tired of seeing weak men. I see it every day and I really can’t handle it. Yeah they work, but when they do, they’re only thinking of themselves. It’s sad and I want to help and see men become stronger, but it’s very hard when they just can’t find any motivation. I want them to learn the importance of it all. And I may not make them to drink the water but I can make them have desire to drink it. I want to do more than what this mission says. Just baptize is not the answer. Finishing the baptism and seeing them stay firm in the church is what I want. It’s what would make me feel happy. I love seeing baptisms in the church every Sunday. But I will keep doing my part and hopefully I will be able to see a lot of this on my mission. I love to help. Be that person that they need in their lives. With love and the Lord I know I will achieve this. Ha! Yep, only if everyone did their own part. Outside of the family. Like home teaching or being someone’s friend when no one else would. Being that uplifting spirit. Man just think of what the world would be like. Man I am excited for heaven lol, because always feeling happy sounds like a good thing lol ha-ha. but we got to do what we can to prepare for that moment. Yeah I sure hope so. I gotta do everything I can possibly do! It’s got to get better here - it just has to!

Well, with that said, I am doing two activities in the ward that I have started. One is F.H.E. with the youth. and something called "reference ships" it’s an activity where the ward has two teams and each team gives references for the missionaries. 5 points if a less active or a fallen away person. 10 points is a non-member reference and 100 points if the reference was baptized. the losing team has to prepare the ward dinner at the end of the month. I think we will do men vs. women. If the men lose then they have to prepare everything. including the food, it should be a good activity and each Sunday will show the points of each team. I hope that through these activities that people will do some part of missionary work. Well I have faith that it will work with time.

To one of your questions, there is fast food here but I really don’t like eating greasy food anymore. I feel really gross afterwards, like the oil and grease never went away after I had finished. They have like McDonalds, but I don’t eat there, no nothing is the same here as there. They have dessert pizzas here and are not even that good, they think that since it’s a pizza they have to put cheese on it. I am not a huge fan of cheese and chocolate together.

Also, I have access to public transportation. I use the bus, taxi´s and trains all the time.
I should be having mail more often now, that is if the other companionship in the house looks to get our mail. The actual closest area is João Pessoa. like Manaira shopping – a big shopping mall.

I didn’t get the package. The post office is closed today and President said I can only go on p-day and as the post office is closed today it will be returned back to the States. With each of the money, I have a little bit saved up. the rest of the money, I have used it on things that I am using or going to bring home with me. So it will be sent back. Sorry! Most likely I will not be able to get the package. I would love to see what’s in the package and I am sorry it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. Apparently, no one can go for me because I have to use my ID. Maybe I will just save the money which was for the taxes for now or maybe I will buy another suit. I have to save it for now and when I decide I will buy it. All mail that the mission receives goes to #515. It’s the office, if any mail is stuck at the post office because of taxation then they don’t get it. They now let it get sent back because the mission doesn’t pay for things like that. I know that you sent the package before the new rules but I already got any extra mail that I received. This week and for Christmas it was Emily’s letter - do you know if she is going back to school? Because if so then I will just send it to her address at BYUI.

Anyways I have to go now,

with love,

elder adam jensen

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