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Friday, February 15, 2013

I love FHE

Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 10:48:04 -0300
Subject: Re: another email - Sunday night

Hello Everyone

So this past week...

It was very slow again and no one is progressing, except Ricardo who finally went to church. He is a guy we have been trying to get married with his spouse since i arrived here, but before he can get married in the church he has to go to church as well. Especially when the rule is that if you get married in the church you also have to be baptized afterwards, but the real reason he went is probably because of President Hall.

President Hall did splits with Elder Martins and I last Wednesday. It went very well, it was only for 3 hours, but he teaches very well, but whoa I never realized how much of an American accent he has when he speaks Portuguese! I was very happy to see him here, it wasn't that nerve racking with President. I actually enjoyed it a lot, too bad he is going home in the middle of July! We will know in April who will be the new President. It will actually be on the church website, so look out for it!

The people are still very humble here and I love them, but church is just not a priority here. It's weird because in Brazil churches are huge and it's a huge part of life here, but i guess that everyone is so used to churches that it doesn't mean much to them anymore.

I think tomorrow night we will plan their wedding and baptism with them. We normally go there about 3 p.m. but now the spouse who is Simony, is working 7 in the morning until 6 or 7 at night, so planning with the two of them is a little more difficult now, but i think tomorrow we can really plan everything.

I don't know why you keep asking me about deodorant and why the mom's on "Missionarymoms" keep talking about it, the only issue with deodorant is that its not American - it works! lol.

I only need a few things, the smoked salmon in the 'LOST' Christmas package would have been wonderful, yeah I would of enjoyed the smoked salmon. Oh but, I am craving some creamy Jif peanut butter though. The mail really baffles me, yeah i don't really know why the mail system here is so weird, they just tax it a lot because they know we wont pay it and when we don't pay it, they just keep it to themselves. American stuff must be worth it then lol. Oh, and Dr. Pepper and peanut butter, Taco powder and another other mixes that would jazz up the meat. Jerky would also be great in my tummy. Just remember to remove all the labels, like it has been used and say 'Gift" with no value! The chocolate is still good after you've put it in the refrigerator it tastes the same!!

Nothing else happened actually. Tonight we have family home evening with a really good couple in the ward. I think we are going to plan on having FHE with them every week. As the commitment we made was that they have to invite two other families to FHE at their house tonight. We will see if they did and if they will come. I actually love having FHE, it's a lot of fun and a good break from things while here on the mission it is easy to get lessons in this way.

I am happy for Sean and that he has enough courage to say who he really is and stand up for it. I don't think a lot of people, especially in the church would do a thing like that. The younger you are it seems to be the stronger you are as well. Well as long as there is a good example in front of them!

I have to go now, until next week!


elder adam Jensen


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