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Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting people married

February 11th, 2013

Hello Everyone

So this past week...

This week was slow again, but we got some references and some lessons in. Actually, we were able to get 25 lessons in each week, but it never feels like it. We met a couple times with a couple, Daniel and Camila who are awesome! Camila is progressing towards baptism, but the husband, Daniel is going a little slower than her. mainly because he didn't get up to go to church. they live in different houses at the moment, so she wasn't at his house to wake him up. she called and called but nothing. we just hoped for the best. we are trying to get them married, and another couple married. its difficult, but always doable. here in João Pessoa its 200 reais to get married in the church. stupid government that wants money. but i would rather have them married in the church, because of the rule that they have to be baptized after marriage in the church or the church doesn't sign the marriage papers. its kind of a win win situation. These would be the first two couples on my mission to also get married. I hope they get married though. The marriage license is 170 reais for basic and an extra 30 to do be married in the church.

Right now it is carnival, and it doesn't end 'til Wednesday. It started last Saturday, just an excuse to not go to work and stay on the beach doing who knows what. It's like New Orleans but not as bad, but here in this neighborhood that I am in nothing really happens here because we have no beach near us. We don't come in early for carnival, nothing happens here in Ipês, and it sounds to me like you guys had a good and busy week.,The other Elders from Lucena who are in my district are now staying with us until Wednesday. Their area is literally a beach. It would be a little dangerous for them to stay there during this time!!

This past week I saw something exciting. I saw a man trying to run away with two bikes, with the owners chasing after him. They were able to catch him and put him in a head lock until the police arrived. The guy who stole the bikes was on the ground screaming in a raspy drunk voice, "oh my father, oh my father" like God is going to let him get out of the situation he was in. Yeah, at first though it did look like an assault, but in the end I realized what had happened. Idiots!

Oh and I received plenty of mail. from Nic, Mom, Gavin and grandma. I also finally received the garments I ordered online here in Brazil a month and a half ago. So I just have a lot of underwear to go around now. lol. I still have all the hearts and I also received the letters from the primary girls or beehives. I don't even know what age they are but I received them, please tell them Thank-you!. That's about all that I got this month.

 If you are going to mail jerky it usually gets here easily. With the peanut butter, just take off the wrapping and the seal under neath the cap. don't stick your fingers in it Mom! I think that would work. If you send it to the Bishop's address it will get to me quicker and then they would tell me if its at the post office. They are so nice and yeah it should be fine !! But, yeah I'm good and you can definitely surprise me with whatever goodies you want! Oh and i didn't receive a letter from Sean or the package of hot sauce. Did you send the package of hot sauce to the Bishop here or the mission office?

I didn't know Emily already turned in her papers. but I think she will go to ....stay in the States!!

At the moment I have money and tomorrow I should receive my tax return , well that's what it says on the bank's website.

Ok well I have to go now. I love you and I hope you have a great week. Next week I will email on Wednesday next week, transfers are coming! I think Elder Martins will leave and I will be a trainer here in Ipês , I am not sure when I will email, maybe early in the morning or in the afternoon or maybe regular time! It will be difficult to know when, but I love you and stop worrying about things that don't need worrying about!!

With all the new moms on the website and to be honest, they are always stores here to buy things in need, and yeah the newbies always freak out because it truly is different especially when you know nothing lol.

Thank you for doing the fafsa stuff, and wow that's a lot of money! I think a thousand more than last time.

That's about all that has happened....


elder adam jensen

p.s. The correct pronounciation is actually jewowm pess OH a


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