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Saturday, February 16, 2013

One year Mark!

A letter from Elder Adam Jensen;

Dear Family and friends

Well, past the one year left date and the mission is still doing good. Except, I have a lot to do still, especially to reach my personal goal, which I will not say.

Transfers have recently been changed, I guess it is to get into the same timing as the MTC. By May this year, this mission will have a little over 250 missionaries, at the moment we have 186 missionaries, I believe.

I have been working on adapting my teaching to the needs of the other person: My answer is simple, everyone has their own personality and to have trust from the other person or to make new friends, we must help their personality show, letting them be who they truly are. With this way, the other person will be more open and with time we can gradually show our own personality.

Making Questions:  You truly have to understand this topic if you are able to teach or get your point across only through questions. Parents are very good at this with their children. We need to ask the right questions to make the other think and understand what would be the best option.
Listening: Well, no one likes it when you cut them off and women love it when you just listen. It's basically a test of patience. The person who has a lot of patience will listen to everything and then help you with your problem.
Inviting or Making Commitment's:  I think as a parent, I will have to do this a lot with my own children. "If you do this, you can have this..." No one is handed an award, it is earned and with this people may understand. It's like faith and works, if you want your faith to grow and receive blessings then you actually have to do something.
Bear your Testimony! A testimony is personal and shows who you are, but I learned that trait from Dad. We talked about getting a point across without creating tension. nothing will get across if you say "You, You, You."  You always speak in the manner of a testimony, you only say "I"  The way you start a conversation depicts how it will end.
Accompany" After making commitments or goals, you just can't leave. you have to check the progress, because really, you will never see the change until the end. The during is what we need to help and see. how you accompanied shows what kind of person you are today.

Well that was fun! I've enclosed a lot of photos on the SD card - 255 for the first year of my mission!
I think that at the next transfers on the 20th Elder Martins will move. there will be 30 new missionaries arriving then. There will then be 218 missionaries in total. Before the 23rd of January we had only 183 missionaries. Oh and in May/June there will be another huge group that will arrive. I think another 40 or so.  President Hall said that before he leaves in July, we will have over 250 missionaries in our mission - so exciting!!

That's all folks!


elder adam jensen 

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